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Huge Nasty Gal Review (6 Outfits!) | Is Nasty Gal Legit?

Huge Nasty Gal Review (6 Outfits!) | Is Nasty Gal Legit?

In this nasty gal review we are going to be going over ALL the details about shopping on nasty gal & seeing if nasty gal is legit.

There is a youtube video option of this nasty gal review but all the links to the outfits are included in this blog post.

But anyways, lets just get right into this nasty gal review!

#1 | Seriously The Most Stylish Outfit I’ve Ever Worn

Links: full outfit | sweater (in a small, tts) | skirt (in a 4, size up for longer length) | booties (tts) | sunglasses | bag | cheaper bag option

to shop the item simply click on the photo!

Whoever said no mixing browns and blacks has obviously never heard of leopard print (or style!)

This outfit just screams style to me! Everything from the puff sleeve sweater to the wrap details on the skirt & the gold bag design is SO stylish.

And the best part is this outfit is crazy affordable. The skirt is only $13, sweater is $22, & the booties are $20.

Everything fits true to size (wearing size small in the sweater & 4 in the skirt) + is high quality (starting the nasty gal review off with a major win!)

If you have the app & want to save the look to come back to at a later time, just click here to do so!👍

#2 | Back To Basics

Links: full outfit | sweater (in a small, tts) | black jeans (in a 4, size up 1-2 sizes) | similar sneakers

If you want to shop the item simply click on the photo!

Okay first of all, is this not the prettiest pink ever!? It’s a dark enough shade that you aren’t washed out but still light enough to not be in your face!

It is also super soft & has such a cute mock neck design as well as the subtle but still apparent puff sleeves to top it off.

On to the jeans, SIZE UP!!! I ordered a US size 4 (I typically wear a 2) & they still have a pretty tight fit in the upper legs.

Even though the jeans are a bit off in sizing I’m still counting this outfit as a 9.9/10 for the nasty gal review process (yes, I just made up a score system)😂

#3 | Giving Into The Shacket Side

nasty gal review
Links: full outfit | shacket (in a small, tts) | sweater (in a small, tts) | leggings (in a small, tts) | earrings | similar sneakers

If you want to shop the item simply click on the photo!

The shacket! (If you’re thinking what in the world is a shacket make sure to check out this post!) but yeah, that’s right, ya girly has given in!

But, of course, this option is a great choice if you want a bit more feminine of a shacket than the typical plaid ones.

I am wearing the gray color option but it also comes in a brown one if that is more your speed! I love how this piece mixes trendy with girly!

It is only $22 (yeah, WHAT?!) and fits true to size (in a small). Just keep in mind that the fit is oversized (since that is the style) so size down if you don’t want that.

The sweater is the same as the last outfit & the leggings are just a great, basic, option from amazon (more amazon finds here)

#4 | Sporty Style But Make It Chic

Links: full outfit | hoodie (in a small, fits oversized) | skirt (in a 2, tts but if inbetween, size up) | similar sneakers

If you want to shop the item simply click on the photo!

Okay, so far this nasty gal review is going pretty good! There are lots of basic options as well as some more fun pieces too!

Which leads me into the next look… this oversized hoodie & star print skirt outfit! This is a very casual way to style any skirt that still looks adorable!

NOTE: just a quick note about the hoodie, if you like oversized hoodies & typically size up to get that look, don’t do that for this one. It is already very oversized (in a small)

Onto the skirt: It’s only $10! Yeah, that’s right! This is such an easy style skirt to dress up with a nice top (like the sweater from the 1st outfit) and some heels or to dress down (as I did here)

#5 | Beige Vibes

Links: full outfit | sweater (in a small, tts) | skirt (in a small, tts) | booties | sunglasses

If you want to shop the item simply click on the photo!

This outfit is a more modest way to wear the skirt from the 1st outfit. The all beige gives off a very clean look & is perfect for any monochrome lovers!

The sweater is so cute with the ruffle design but just be aware that the ruffles are not sewn on at the top (you can see a better look at that in the youtube video)

And if you want to see more outfits with these light tan booties make sure to check out this post!

#6 | Modest But Cute Winter Look

Links: full outfit | sweater (in a small, tts) | mom jeans (in a 4, size up) | similar sneakers | sunglasses

If you want to shop the item simply click on the photo!

And the final outfit, this beige sweater with the black jeans. This is a great business casual look if you are working in an office that allows jeans.

The beige sweater paired with black jeans and taupe sneakers makes for a great neutral look!

Again, as I mentioned in the 2nd outfit, make sure to size up 1-2 sizes in these jeans.

Final Thoughts:

So, here are my final thoughts seeing as this is a nasty gal review.

Thoughts On The Clothes: Amazing! They were all super cheap & high quality + most fit true to size.

(I did order one dress that was a complete fail, you can see it in the nasty gal review youtube video but everything else was great)

Shipping: The shipping toke along time (about 2.5 weeks) however I did order it right before christmas & during covid-19 so I have a feeling that is why it toke so long.

Final Nasty Gal Review Rating: 9.5/10 (whoop whoop!)

Nasty Gal Review In Video Format:

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