Daily Details 1.10 | White Yeti Tumbler Review

white yeti tumbler review

White Yeti Tumbler Review Details:

This is something that I believe everyone 100% needs to own! The yeti cups have got to be my favorite, they keep your stuff cold (or hot), come with cool lid attachments & are available in tons of color + size/style options.

The tumbler size seems to be perfect to fit your morning coffee (or 4 morning coffees if you’re like me😬).

And if you are up before other family members but want to get ice without waking them up, you can simply put the ice in your yeti the night before, stick it in the fridge, and it will still be solid ice in the morning! (plus your family will be super thankful that you kept it quiet)

To shop the yetis just click on the one you want below and it will take to you to see all the color options offered! And for more daily details click right here!

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