2021 Fashion Trends To Look Out For This Year | Top 7 Trends

2021 Fashion Trends To Look Out For This Year | Top 7 Trends

2021 fashion trends
2021 fashion trends

As we go into the new year I thought what better post to do then sharing the style trends that are coming in hot for 2021!

These trends are general for the whole year of 2021 & some are simply predictions based off fashion week + what stores are carrying.

However if you want to see seasonal trend posts make sure to check back or feel free to dm me on instagram to request a certain post you want to see!

I included options for each trend in lots of different price & style ranges so there is something for every budget & personality.

To shop any of the items just click on the image & it will take you straight to the product page!

& If you don’t want to read through the blog post & just want to hear the top 7 trends check out the youtube video version of this blog post by clicking here!

But anyways… Let’s just get into these 2021 fashion trends to keep your eye on for this year!

#1 | Shackets

Ohh the infamous shacket! If you haven’t heart of shackets they are just what they sound like, a shirt mixed with a jacket.

These are great for warmer weather to simply through on over a tee shirt, or to layer in the colder months for winter & fall outfits.

The main trend with these is for sure plaid prints however, if you aren’t a plaid person, don’t worry, I’ve got you set with leopard prints & solid colors.

If you want to see just plaid shackets though, make sure to check out this mini blog post featuring that trend.

#2 | Sweater Vests

Another one of the biggest 2021 fashion trends that is already staring to take off is sweater vests!

Sweater vests are something that can be styled lots of different ways & give off a preppy but sort of effortlessly stylish look.

There are options for oversized sweater vests, solid colors, checkered (which has been a mini trend within this), and just so many more!

#3 | Shades Of Brown

So, this is one that I really wasn’t expecting to see but it’s here alright, brown, brown, and more brown.

If you don’t believe me go to your favorite trendy clothing site & I bet their new arrivals is filled with cute brown pieces.

Brown is such a great basic & it seems the darker shades of it are what is in full swing for this trend.

#4 | Loungewear Sets

Of course, loungewear sets! Since most of us are still at home loungewear sets are where it’s at.

The most trendy out of these is oddly specific but something that is being seen all over, ribbed matching lounge sets.

I am a big fan of ribbed materials so I can definitely see why this is the most trendy however if you aren’t I linked lots of non-ribbed options too.

#5 | Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans have got to be one of my favorite styles of jeans! They’re super comfy while still looking very flattering.

This is one of the 2021 fashion trends but it is also just a great basic style of jeans to have in your wardrobe at all times.

You can shop my favorite pair of straight leg jeans right here (they’re only $22!) & hear more about them by watching this youtube video.

#6 | Exaggerated Sleeves

Hold up, why are are exaggerated sleeves part of the 2021 fashion trends post, I thought that was a 2020 trend?

I’m going to guess that you just asked yourself that question. But yes, exaggerated sleeves are still all the rage & I couldn’t be happier about it.

Puff sleeves are a mini trend within this put if that is too girly for you there are lots of other style options linked for you.

In fact, this post (which isn’t even supposed to be about exaggerated sleeves!) has some great examples of this trend.

#7 | Cropped Button Front Cardigans

I don’t know about you but I just love the look of these cropped cardigans with the button front design!

They are soooo flattering to wear with high waisted jeans but can totally be dressed up by styling them over dresses or with skirts.

This is a great versatile option as well since they can be worn open, fully buttoned, or partially buttoned!

This trend is basically taking a grandpa cardigan but making it stylish & giving it a WAY more flattering fit.

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I hope this was helpful for finding the top 2021 fashion trends! For more trends make sure to check out daily details where I post short snippets every day.

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Have a wonderful & I hope to see you again soon here on sequins & satin!💓