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Early Summer Outfits | Outfits Of The Week Vol.15

So, if you follow along on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog or here on the blog than you already know I do I a series on the blog called “outfits of the week” where every friday I share the realistic outfits that I wore for each day.

I like to try and have a general theme each week for the outfits so this week we’re going with minimal spring outfits since who doesn’t love a good pre-summer outfit?!

If you have any theme requests feel free to send them in over on instagram or through the contact form.

So let’s just get right on into these early summer outfits!

Monday | Short Sleeve Cardigan Outfit

early summer outfits
Quick Links: jeans (in a 2, tts) | top (in a medium, tts, go up if you have a larger bust) | similar cardi | similar sandals

Starting the week out w/ a fun outfit! The short sleeve cardigan & jeans combo is just perfect for the early summer days.

You could totally switch the cami out for a fun printed option or a bright color too if you want to make it more your style.

Tuesday | White Shacket Outfit

Quick Links: shacket (oversized style) | converse (tts) | similar dress

This outfit is just so amazing for anyone wanting to look a bit sporty but still super stylish at the same time!

The white shacket is a forever 21 find but make sure to get your regular size (or go down for a tighter fit) because it definitely fits boxy.

Wednesday | White Shorts Outfit

Quick Links: shorts (in a medium, go up for more mom style fit) | similar top

Okay, I must confess, I didn’t actually wear this outfit for wednesday. I actually wore some pieces that are for a super exciting upcoming collaboration so stay tuned 😉

But I wanted to share it because it’s a great option for the warmer days when it’s still a bit windy!

Thursday | Leggings & Tee

Quick Links: top (in a small, oversized fit) | leggings (in a small, tts)

Ahh… the leggings & tee combo, every girls savior. Honestly I just had a ton to get done this day so this look was perfect to feel put together but still comfortable & able to move around.

The tee is from amazon & comes in a bunch of colors but is seriously SOOO soft!

Friday | Sweater & Leggings

Quick Links: similar sweater | leggings (in a small, tts but run a tad big)

Okay, this one is more for a spring day but still a great option for anyone wanting a casual style look. The leggings are also a super comfy amazon find btw.

I always love the look of these cropped sweaters since they’re so flattering & really show off whatever bottoms you’re wearing with the outfit.

Links Requested This Week + Q/A:

Since I often receive dm’s over on instagram & emails through the contact form I like to add a little section to the outfits of the week posts where I address any questions you have! I am always happy to answer your questions, provide links, etc. so if you have anything for me to add to next week’s post make sure to send it in over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog or through the contact form (I’m more likely to respond quickly on instagram though)

Outfit idea with heels that isn’t too fancy please!

Of course, linked here – collage shown above on the right w/ the under $50 amazon nude heels!

Can you please link some puff sleeve floral dresses?

Yup, right here! A lot of these options are under $30 too!

Disney finds!

Linked here – great whether you’re planning a disney trip soon or just a big fan of the aesthetic.

Shop these + other requested links:

Weekly Best Sellers:

I added this new section to last weeks ootw (outfits of the week) with the weekly best sellers so you can see what other sequins and satin readers are purchasing! And just a note, if you’re ever wearing something I recommended (which, thank you, I really appreciate all of you who support my business whether you read the posts each week or shop through my links) feel free to tag me on instagram, I love seeing how you guys style your items.

For More Early Summer Outfits:

For more early summer outfits feel free to click around the blog or instagram & to find something specific here on just click on the search icon and type in some keywords!

I hope you loved these early summer outfits! Make sure to send any requests for outfits of the week themes over to @sequinsandsatinblog on instagram or through the contact form here!

These early summer outfits contain affiliate links, that just means that if you purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! (you can read more about this here) I truly thank you so much if you decide to purchase through my link as it helps me to continue creating content for you!🥰

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