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27 Best Stores Like Brandy Melville But With Sizes!

Seeing as Brandy Melville is such a popular place to shop I figured I’d create a post with all the best brandy melville alternatives!

And the best part is, these are all stores like Brandy Melville but with sizes so you can actually get them to fit!

So without further ado let’s just get into the best brands like Brandy Melville but with sizes.

Quick Shop The Stores Like Brandy Melville:

If you want to just shop my top picks from each store like Brandy Melville you can click on the images below! Or keep on reading to see my list of the best stores with clothes like Brandy Melville!

1. Wild Fable (Target Brand)

Wild fable is one of my absolute favorite brands to get affordable but still crazy cute options!

2. Urban Outfitters

Urban outfitters is another wonderful option to get some trendy pieces at all different price points.

3. Hollister

Hollister is one of the best places to get trendy as well as classic pieces that are still pretty darn affordable.

I actually just got a huge order from them so be on the lookout for a mini review on my instagram (linked here or below if you click on the image!)

4. Zaful

Zaful is not talked about as often but is still a great place to shop if you want some brandy melville inspired clothes for cheap!

5. Pacsun

Pacsun is yet another wonderful option that has some super cute brands that are all at great price points.

6. Cotton On

Cotton on is also a lesser talked about brand but the pieces are SO cute and SO affordable that it needs some serious attention.

7. Shein

Shein is a brand that I like to mention in all these type of posts since they just have such cheap pieces in all different styles.

Just make sure to read the reviews on the individual items to make sure it’s going to fit & is good quality!

8. Dress Up Boutique

Dress up boutique is a cute shop that I mentioned in the online boutiques post that I thought totally gives off brandy melville vibes!

9. American Eagle

American eagle is a pretty well known brand, but they have some great brandy melville inspired clothes!

10. Nasty Gal

Nasty gal is another online store that has some great brand melville alternatives! (You can read my full nasty gal review here)

11. Forever 21

Forever 21 is another place that has some great, cheap, alternatives to brandy melville clothes. Definitely one of my top picks for stores with clothes like brandy melville!

12. Tilly’s

Tilly’s is one of the ultimate places to get trendy clothing, they have some great brands like brandy melville on their site too!

13. Princess Polly

Another great place to get trendy clothes like Brandy Melville is Princess Polly. I love how cute and high quality their pieces are too.

14. Asos

If you want somewhere that offers a wide selection of styles, brands, and prices, Asos is the place for you!

15. Aeropostale

Aeropostale is definitely an brand that people are sleeping on. They have SUCH cute and trendy options if you want stores like brandy melville but with sizing!

16. Boohoo

For trendy and ultra affordable clothing that gives Brandy Melville vibes, Boohoo is a great choice to shop!

17. Boohoo

For trendy and ultra affordable clothing that gives Brandy Melville vibes, Boohoo is a great choice to shop!

18. Garage

One of the best places to get clothes like brandy melville is Garage! They have some great trendy styles that definitely give off the brandy melville vibes!

19. H&M

H&M is always one of my favorite places to find affordable basics as well as more trendy options. They have some of the most flattering jeans too!

20. Abercrombie & Fitch

Although a bit more expensive than the others on the list, Abercrombie is a great place to get staple styles that will last for years to come.

21. Beginning Boutique

Yet another great place if you’re looking for brands like brandy melville is Beginning Boutique. They’re all the rage with fashion influencers and I can definitely see why!

22. Storets

Another brand that is super popular amongst fashion influencers is Storets, they have some of the cutest trending items!

23. Lulus

Lulus is one of my favorites, especially when it comes to wedding guest attire. Although they lean more towards the dressy styles, they still have some excellent casual items that definitely give off brand melville vibes.

24. Pretty Little Thing

If you love brandy melville then you’ll definitely love Pretty Little Thing. They always have great deals making everything crazy affordable.

25. Amazon

Of course I had to include amazon on this list because they always have the best affordable clothing alternatives.

26. Los Angeles Apparel

Since brandy melville gives the Los Angeles vibes I thought it was only fitting to include Los Angeles apparel!

27. Faithfull The Brand

Finally we have Faithfull The Brand, they are a bit pricier than some of the others on this list but the designs are gorgeous and are definitely worth it.

Which brand if your favorite of the best brands like brandy melville but with sizes? Let me know which of these is your fave over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog where I’ll be sharing all things fashion!

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With love, Keira

best stores like brandy melville but with sizes, best brands like brandy melville
best stores like brandy melville

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