Best Cheap Online Boutiques For A Girl On A Budget | 40+ Affordable Online Clothing Sites

best cheap online boutiques for a girl on a budget

If you are like me & LOVE shopping (maybe a little too much) but don’t want to go spending $100 on a single top than you have come to the perfect place!

But here’s the thing, boutiques tend to be pretty expensive (in my opinion) and not really worth the high price tags (even though the pieces are super cute)

So, today I am going to share with you the top 40 best cheap online boutiques that you need to know about! I will try and give a quick overview as well as average price point for each boutique!

Okay, without further ado, let’s get into these top 40 best cheap online boutiques!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #1 | Shop Dress Up

Shop Dress Up | This is a brand that I have recently discovered that is just the cutest! The products range in price but seem to have an average cost of around $30 & everything on their site is under $50!

Below are a few items that I am currently eyeing from them so that you can get an idea of what styles they offer on shop dress up! (their sweaters for this seasons fall collection are soooooo cute, ahhhhh!)

(I tried to include items from different categories to show the price points for the different items)

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #2 | Priceless

Priceless | This site is perfect for trends as well as more basic pieces! They offer a ton of designer inspired pieces at super low prices (like $15 gg belts) and other adorable items!

Priceless offers basically the same price point as shop dress up with (i am pretty sure) everything being under $50 (even the shoes) & most even being less than $30.

Below are some cute finds from priceless that are just too adorable to not want! Also, I was browsing through their site & they have the cutest jeans ever for around $40!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #3 | Vestique

Vestique | This brand has such adorable items! Their price point is great with most of the items being under $50 & the jewelry pieces all being around $20!

This boutique seems to have lots of pieces that mix trends with classic styles to bring a whole new look! It is perfect if you are not someone who loves to wear trends but wants to try them out in a subtle way.

Below are some adorable finds from vestique that are all under $50 (including the absolute cutest pair of hoop earrings that are just $20!)

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #4 | Ooh La Luxe

Ooh La Luxe | This brand is so cute with tons of floral prints & girly looks! If you are a fan of brands like LoveShackFancy, Rachel Parcell, & other feminine brands you will love this one!

The price point is similar to the others although maybe a bit higher with most of the items being around $45 – $55 depending on what you are purchasing.

Below are some adorable pieces from ooh la luxe that I am dying to purchase! Just look at that little floral dress & the gorgeous top (btw, i found a less expensive option for the floral top linked here)

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #5 | The Mint Julep

The Mint Julep Boutique | Okay, this recent boutique find has got to have some of the cutest items I have ever seen! OMG, they’re so insanely pretty!

The price range for this store is amazing (especially for how cute the clothes are) with everything being around $40 – $50 & the accessories being super affordable at about $20!

I am loving all the types of clothing they sell but I would say this brand is best for sweaters & shoes since they have super affordable sneakers (i’m talking as low as $15 for adorable sneakers & heels)

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #6 | Pink Lily

Pink Lily | This one is a pretty well known brand but it’s just the cutest with amazing prices! They have a ton of items on the site with a mix of basics & more interesting items!

The price range is great at around only $40 and they also have an incredible sale section with tons of discounted items!

Honestly this is the one stop shop for all your essentials as well as anything leopard print (they have a ton of cute animal print options) as well as a best selling gucci belt dupe!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #7 | Red Dress Boutique

Red Dress Boutique | Okay, okay, so I know this one is also pretty well known but they just have the cutest selection of pieces & have new arrivals on their site every single day!

The price range is great with most of their items being around $50 & a sale section with super affordable pieces.

Below are some cute finds from red dress boutique & although everything is adorable, as the name suggests, the best thing to buy from this brand seems to be dresses!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #8 | Magnolia Boutique

Magnolia Boutique | Okay, wait, maybe this is my favorite! I can’t decide they’re all so cute! This brand is another one I have just came across & am now obsessing over!

The price range is a bit higher with the pieces being around $50! I still think that is a great price though for the items & how cute they are!

This brand has a ton of cute pieces but I would say the best items to shop from this brand are sweaters, they have a TON of absolutely adorable sweaters at great prices!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #9 | UOIONLINE

UOIONLINE | This shop has such cute pieces at insanely great prices! If you are looking for face masks as well they have a huge selection of adorable options to match every outfit

The prices seem to be around $30 & some of the tops are even closer to $20! They have a huge selection of adorable pieces & a ton of options to fit your style!

Although everything UOIONLINE offers looks great, they seem to have a lot of great basic options for sweatshirts, tees, hoodies, & just any other basic you can think of! (they also have insanely cute sneakers!)

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #10 | Bad Habit Boutique

Bad Habit Boutique | I’m just going to start out by saying, how cute is their website?! I mean honestly, it looks AMAZING & is so easy to navigate which is always a plus when shopping for a certain item!

The price point is amazing with the pieces being around $25 & most of their graphic tees being just $19. They also have some adorable & high quality looking leggings for only $15!

This brand has lots of good basics as well & seems to specialize in camouflage & leopard print pieces as well as graphic tees (the fall collection of tees is suuuuuupppppper cute!!!)

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #11 | HY Peach

HY Peach | This brand is so cute & has some amazing summer options if you are looking for swimsuits, dresses, or anything to wear around the pool/beach!

The price range is definitely a bit higher with an average price per piece of around $75 but, according to the reviews, the items are well worth the prices!

Like I said, this brand specializes in summery pieces but they also offer other types of styles if you are reading this post in a colder season!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #12 | Vogue Society

Vogue Society Boutique | This boutique find is such a great choice for anyone who is looking to get trendy pieces on a budget!

The prices are all around $30 & the sale section has adorable pieces with prices as low as $14!!! Yay for this boutique, definitely a win!

This brand seems to specialize in trends as well as more basic items (you could easily mix & match most of the items on their site to create tons of outfits!)

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #13 | Mystique Boutique

Mystique Boutique | So, this brand has such a fun name! Mystique Boutique, i just love it! They also have tons of cute clothes for different types of styles!

The price range on this one is SUUUPPPEEERRR cheap with items being around $15! Yeah, you heard that right, just $15…

And they seem to have a crazy amount of basic options as well as options that are basic yet not so basic at the same time, ya know what I mean? (check this out for not so basic, basics you need!)

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #14 | Inspired Boutique

Inspired Boutique | I don’t think I can use the words ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’ for this one, they just won’t cut it! This boutique has insanely pretty pieces and i could probably go broke just shopping on their site!

They have such a pretty site as well with the muted pink tones! The prices for this boutique are around $30 & they offer free U.S shipping with no order minimum! (don’t you just hate paying for shipping!?)

This brand has lots of adorable items & honestly just covers all the bases for fashion essentials. They even have a “bump friendly” collection that you can wear while you are pregnant & even for years after!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #15 | Stella Clothing

Stella Clothing Boutique | This brand totally gives me boho vibes! With all the cute, flowy, tops & lace details the pieces are perfect for a free spirit!

The prices are great with prices around $40-$60 as well as a nice sale section with a ton of pieces to choose from at prices around $20!

This brand has a ton of unique items but my favorite find when browsing on the site was definitely this free people bralette dupe!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #16 | Blue Layne

Blue Layne | This boutique has the absolute best loungewear sets I have EVER seen! I mean honestly, are they trying to make me go broke? 😂

Especially in these times, most of us are probably reaching for pajamas so this is the perfect place to get loungewear that makes you feel cute while still being comfy!

The prices are great with most of the items being more or less around $30. They also sell other items besides just pjs, that was just what stood out the most on their site!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #17 | Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey | This one also is giving total boho vibes! With the flowy dresses & cute florals its just too hard to resist!

They do sell a lot of maxi & midi dresses so if that is your style i think you will LOVE this boutique find! (that’s not to say they don’t sell other items, i just saw a whole lot of this style dress on the site)

The prices are around $35 per piece which seems great, especially for all the cute details that go into the items!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #18 | My Sister’s Closet

My Sister’s Closet Boutique | I would definitely not be found shopping in my sisters closet, lol, she & i have WAY different styles but you know where i can be found shopping? my sisters closet boutique!

This brand has a large selection of adorable pieces & they even have a “curvy” line for plus sized girls which I find many boutiques do not offer.

The prices are great with everything being around $25 – $30. My sister’s closet Boutique really covers it all but they do seem to have lots of cute striped pieces!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #19 | Modern Chic Style

Modern Chic Style | So, this brand is a super recent find that I just fell in love with! They have a bunch of cute tops as well as some adorable jackets for pretty affordable prices.

If you want to get even more off your order feel free to use code KEIRA25 for 25% off your order! I recently purchased a few items from here so make sure you are following me on instagram to see what i got!

This brand has pretty affordable prices with most pieces being around $30 – $40 (before the 25% off) & they seem to specialize in tops & affordable jackets!

(I can’t create a section with some of the pieces since they are not part of rewardstyle but, below you can shop some of the cutest items I found while browsing the site)

open knit sweater | pearl denim jacket | tie front ruffle dress | striped pullover sweater | basic jeans

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #20 | The Willow Tree

The Willow Tree Boutique | This brand has such a cute look & would definitely be a great option for you working ladies who are looking for pretty yet appropriate pieces to wear in the office!

The prices seem to be around $30 – $40 which seems great for the items they offer! You could also shop the sale section where most items are closer to $15

Like I said earlier, this brand specializes in more modest & work appropriate looks that you could transition into a night out look as well!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #21 | Bella & Bloom

Bella & Bloom Boutique | Okay, it’s official, if you need a cute dress just go to bella & bloom! They have a ton of affordable & adorable options.

The dresses definitely give me brunch or baby shower vibes! They also offer other types of clothing but the dresses are what really stands out here!

The price point is great with most dresses being around $45 – $50 & most of the tops being $40! They also have a great sale section where you can get 50% off the regular prices!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #22 | Shop Sassy

Shop Sassy Boutique | Seriously the cutest clothes! They have such a great selection of items especially in their most recent collection!

The prices are also great with most everything being somewhere around $30, including the shoes, which seems like a great price for adorable shoes!

This brand definitely has cute options all around but what really stood out where the shoes. They have an adorable selection of sandals that are super girly & fun!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #23 | Bella Ella

Bella Ella Boutique | This brand has a bunch of great, 5 star, reviews which of course is always a great sign that you are getting quality clothing!

The name is also so cute, just like the clothes! They have great prices (around $35 per pieces) & face masks starting at $6.

They don’t have a ton of options on the site but the ones they do have are insanely pretty! This brand definitely seems to specialize in dresses!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #24 | Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique | This brand is great for more trendy items as well as cheap dresses for special occasions (such as prom or for a wedding guest)

It really seems to depend on what you are buying but the prices are around $40 – $60 & the site is packed full of options!

If you don’t want to take the time to sort through everything on their website, I got you! Below are some of the cutest pieces they offer!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #25 | Hello Molly

Hello Molly | Okay is this a pretty website or what?! I just love the color they use & the layout that make it so easy to find what you are looking for!

The prices for this one are a bit higher (around $50 per item) but still great compared to most other stores!

They have tons of great basic options along with some trendier pieces. It would definitely be easy to style their items in lots of different ways!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #26 | Francesca’s

Francesca’s | So, francescas is pretty well know & honestly I used to think they were too expensive to shop at but here’s the thing, they are ALWAYS having sales (atleast online, not sure about in store)

If you see something you want though you need to get it quick, the items on their site sell out insanely quick (I’m talking within a day of releasing items they’re all sold out)

I would have to say they specialize in jewelry but they also offer tons of cute & unique pieces like their jeans (which tend to have somes sort of interesting design you can’t find other places!)

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #27 | Lulu’s

Lulu’s | Also one most people know about but I just have to take a second & admire Lulu’s! They have a HUGE selection with great prices & adorable items!

Lulu’s is pretty well known but it is just such a great option that I felt it needed to be included in here just in case you haven’t heard of it before!

They have the cutest items & a HUGE selection so if you are looking for a full on wardrobe revamp, this could be your one stop shop!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #28 | Logan + Lenora

Logan + Lenora | This brand sells such cute bags! They have a special waterproof fabric that is washable so if you need to, you can wash the bag unlike most others.

The prices are definitely higher than the other (the bags are around $100) but the designs are adorable & they do have smaller options that are cheaper.

The bags all come in a bunch of color options as well as some prints. You can also choose your own color combination if you are looking for something specific.

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #29 | Lily Lulu Fashion

Lily Lulu Fashion | This brand has great basic options & solid color pieces as well as some absolutely adorable feminine looking dresses!

The prices are pretty good with most items being around $30 although it seems that on this site it really just depends on what you are getting.

As I said before this brand has basic options but they also seem to have more colorful options (as in bright colors) if that is a style you like!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #30 | Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily | Okay, so this brand is a home decor option that sells the cutest bedding as well a ton of other decoration options!

Now this one being considered “affordable” is definitely a long shot (okay let’s be honest, it’s is expensive) but the pieces are just sooooooo cute that I had to include this one!

But anyways, they just have it all from pillows to bedding! They also offer free design advice right here if you need a little help!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #31 | Morning Lavender

Morning Lavender | If you are a mom you will love this one! They offer regular women’s clothes but they also have childrens clothing.

They even have MATCHING sets (from their Mommy & Me collection) for you and your little one(s) to wear, which I mean, is just the cutest thing ever when you see a family matching!

The prices are great and although they do seem to specilize in matching sets, they do offer TONS of other adorable styles even if you aren’t a mama!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #32 | North & Main

North & Main Boutique | This boutique has such cute options! Their site is also super easy to navigate & they have the cutest options.

They have lots of adorable options for all seasons but especially cute fall time clothing such as sweaters & mini skirts!

This brand, unlike many other smaller boutiques, has options that come in extended sizes (starting at small & going up to 3XL)

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #33 | Minnie & Emma

Minnie & Emma | This brand has the cutest phone cases ever! They have a whole collection of loveshackfancy inspired phone cases that are just too pretty to resist!

They also have options where you can get personalization such as a monogram of you initials or just leave it blank if you don’t want that.

They also sell mugs & stationery but definitely specilize in phone cases. The patterns they offer are adorable & you could even get a nice matching set as a gift for someone.

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #34 | Goodnight Macaroon

Goodnight Macaroon | Seriously the cutest girly pieces! They have a gorgeous site & just released a whole animal print collection so if you are an animal print lover, this is for you!

But, even if you are not a fan of prints, they also have tons of other cute options as well as some excellent basics every girl needs!

The prices are a bit higher with most pieces being around $50 – $60 but, from what i’ve heard, the quality is well worth the price!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #35 | Chic Wish

Chic Wish | Chic wish seriously has the cutest girly pieces out there! They have a ton of swiss dot style items that are absolutely adorable!

The prices are a bit higher than the other options on this list. Most of the choices on the chic wish site are around $50 which is still great for the cute styles!

This brand seems to specilize in girly dresses & tops for those of us who love feminine style pieces that are romantic looking!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #36 | Colotori

Colortori | This brand is definitely not affordable if you are just looking for run of the mill boutique options but they do have luxury pieces at discounted prices!

So, if you are someone who loves designer brands but want to save some money than this site is definitely for you!

Also, if there is a specific designer you love & or are looking to shop than you can click on the “designers” page where it shows all the designers they offer!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #37 | Whiskey Darling

Whiskey Darling Boutique | This boutique has such a fun vibe & their website just makes you feel happy with all the bright colors & cute layout!

They definitely have a more trendy style if that is what you are into but besides that they still offer great basic pieces for those of us who are less into trends

The price point is great with most items being approximately $30 – $40 & they seem to have tons of adorable graphic tees!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #38 | Jane

Jane | Okay, this boutique seriously has the cutest items! Loving the prices too, they’re so affordable & there are TONS of options!

They have SUPER affordable prices like these $13 joggers are that are crazy cute & come in a ton of different color options!

They don’t really seem to specilize in anything, they just have a ton of options, but I will say they have a ton of affordable basic choices!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #39 | Gunny Sack And Co

Gunny Sack And Co | This brand has tons of cute options especially for seasonal items like in their halloween collection!

The prices are great, they definitely vary, but in general they seem to be between $30 & $50. They also have lots of great basic options under the “best sellers” tab.

There aren’t a ton of options on the site but the clothing they do have is just sooooo cute! They definitely seem to specilize in graphic tees & seasonal tees as well as basics!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #40 | Windsor

Windsor | Okay, so this is a pretty well known brand but they just have the cutest options & a TON of choices on the site!

They have super affordable prices (around $40 per piece) & is a great place to get cheap formal dresses as well as tons of other items!

This is definitely a great place to shop if you are looking to do a big haul or a full closet revamp! They basically just sell all the clothing you could want!

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #41 | Blistfit

not available anymore | This is a pretty new brand that sent me some cute clothes recently (you can check out an outfit featuring their clothes right here!)

The items are super affordable & they have some great basic options as well as some other more trendy choices!

You can actually use code “sequinsandsatin” (should be applied automatically if you click here to shop but if not, you can just type it in) to get $10 off!

they are also not a part of rewardstyle so I cannot add the little carousel thing but below are some pieces that are super cute!

not available anymore | pink sweatshirt | not available anymore | not available anymore | not available anymore | not available anymore

Best Cheap Online Boutiques #42 | Indigo Closet

Indigo Closet | This one is the final boutique for today! And we are going out on a super positive note! whoop, whoop! 🙌

They have tons of cute options & even have a great bridal collection with everything from honeymoon dresses to actual wedding dresses!

Even though they have a great bridal section there are also a bunch of other options for you if you aren’t getting married! (including a TON of gucci inspired belts you can find right here!)

WOW! That was a lot of typing so I really hope it was helpfull!

But there you have it, the 40+ best cheap online clothing boutiques for a fashion lover on a budget!

Let me know over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog which of these was your fave

& make sure to tag me and/or use #sequinsandsatinstyle if you ever get anything I recommended!

If you have any posts you want to see please let me know & I will make sure to add it to my list!

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💕 have a wonderful day & i hope to see you again soon! 💕