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Brutally Honest Shein Review! (Should You Shop From Shein?)

Brutally Honest Shein Review! (Should You Shop From Shein?)

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing a brutally honest Shein review!

If you’re like me, then I’m sure you’ve been seeing Shein all over your social media!

And, like me, you may have been wondering for some time now if Shein is actually worth the hype.

Since I always love to test brands and products for you all, I figured I might as well test out Shein!

So in today’s post I have a brutally honest Shein review, I hope it helps you!

Also, if you already like Shein and just want to see a haul, I have a video for that below! But if you’re here for the full Shein review then keep on reading!

What Is Shein?

So if you haven’t heard of Shein or just want a little refresher, let me go ahead and share a little about what Shein is.

Shein is a popular online store that has very very affordable items.

They carry a wide variety of clothing, home decor, and pretty much anything else you could think of.

Check out Shein here

I’ve been loving this bag from Shein. Perfect size and seems to be very high quality! Shop here.
One of my favorite Shein purchases! Definitely SIZE UP in this one. Shop here!

Shein Shipping

Shein shipping typically seems to take around 2 weeks arrive.

This may depend on where you live however I have seen most people say about the same thing.

I have never had any issues with Shein’s shipping.

You can see Shein’s shipping information on this page.

Shein Returns

I personally have never returned anything to Shein just because it didn’t ever seem worth the couple of dollars I would get back.

However I did some research and most people said that Shein returns are not too difficult and are basically like returning your clothes to any other online clothing store.

You can see Shein’s full return policy on this page.

I always love a good Shein t-shirt. They seem to be high quality and fit really well. Shop here.
I’ve been loving this sweater set from Shein. Definitely size up but other than that it’s amazing! Shop here!

Shein Quality

Now let’s get into the part that, at least for me, is the most important when ordering from an online clothing brand.

I have ordered from Shein a few times and have found most of the items to be pretty great quality.

Of course they aren’t going to be as good as more expensive brands but for the price, the quality seems to be pretty darn great.

My biggest tip to ensure that the clothing is high quality is to read the reviews (and look at the photos).

By doing this you can actually see the item on a real person. I never order anything from Shein without looking at the reviews first.

Shein Sizing

Another very important thing to consider when shopping on Shein is sizing.

I find that the items tend to fit true to size however I always size up in their sweaters or sweatshirts since those do tend to run small.

Again, the easiest way to see if an item is true to size is to just read the reviews on the item.

If you’re not sure what size to get I would say to just get one size up just to be safe since some of their items do tend to run small.

Another one of my favorite Shein t-shirts is this oversized long sleeve! Get your regular size. Shop here.
Another Shein find are these under $30 Ugg dupes. Size up 1 size in these! Super warm and cozy. Shop here.

Shop Shein On Amazon

If you’re still not sure about ordering straight from the Shein website, no worries, Shein sells some of their clothing on Amazon!

Of course the selection is much smaller than shopping directly from Shein but it is a great option if you want to get the same pieces but with amazon shipping and returns!

Just one thing to keep in mind is that the Shein clothing on amazon does seem to be a bit more expensive than ordering directly from Shein.

However it does allow you to get the free Amazon prime shipping, easier returns, and possible more peace of mind.

You can shop Shein on Amazon here!

Overall Shein Review

Alright so overall I think that Shein is a great place to shop for affordable and trendy items.

An important thing to remember is to READ THE REVIEWS before purchasing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t like something you should definitely try to return it, donate it, or give it to a friend. Please please avoid throwing clothing in the trash because it ends up in places that are not good for the environment.

One more note about Shein is that some of their clothing was found to have chemicals. From what I have read, it seems that washing the item a few times before wearing it should get rid of this issue.

Overall Shein seems to be a good place to shop especially if you are tight on money.

What do you think about this brutally honest Shein review? Let me know what you think over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog where I’ll be sharing all things fashion!

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With love, Keira

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brutally honest Shein review

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