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50 Genius Ideas For Advent Calendar Gifts (That Aren’t Candy)

50 Genius Ideas For Advent Calendar Gifts (That Aren’t Candy)

ideas for advent calendar gifts

If you are like my family and don’t do advent calendars the traditional way of buying a pre-filled in calendar than these ideas for advent calendar gifts are for you! (you could totally use this as stocking stuffers too)

Now, of course there is nothing wrong with giving candy but I want to give you some less obvious ideas in case you are struggling to come up with advent calendar fillers!

But first, if you don’t have an advent calendar yet, below are a few great options at different price points! These are great because they can be used year after year and some even double as christmas decor!

Now let’s get into the actual advent calendar gift ideas, I sectioned them out by price so you can choose whatever best fits your budget!

I also made sure to include ideas for advent calendar gifts from lots of places & added amazon prime options as well in case you are shopping last minute (because let’s be realistic here).

Under $10

Okay, so if you are planning on doing an advent calendar countdown every day till christmas, that can get crazy expensive!

This is why I wanted to make sure to include SUPER affordable options that are still perfect ideas for advent calendar fillers but won’t go breaking the bank! 🙌

You can shop these affordable options below or keep on scrolling for more expensive (but still really cheap advent calendar gifts)

Under $25

Here are some ideas for advent calendar gifts that are all under $25! These are some great options at a medium price point that is still affordable!

I includes ideas for advent calendar gifts in this category that are both close to $10 and options on the higher side of the range.

You can shop these options below by simply clicking on the image of what you want to buy & if you hover over it you can see the prices!

Under $50

These are a bit more expensive gifts that could even just be given on their own (as in not part of an advent calendar) but still would work for a advent calendar fillers.

Also, just realizing after going back through this that the slippers are probably not going to fit in an advent calendar, not sure what I was thinking there 😬 😂

Below are my top picks for advent calendar fillers in this price range! Some of them come as sets so you could split them up between a couple of days!

Under $100

Now if you really want to go above and beyond and get the perfect advent calendar fillers these ideas for advent calendar gifts are the way to go!

These could all DEFINITELY be given as individual gifts seeing as they are high quality and around a good price point for a present!

All the items are linked below, I included the best selling gucci belt dupe because I mean, who doesn’t want one of those!

I hope this was helpful in finding some ideas for advent calendar gifts! If you are looking for more gift guides, stay tuned because there are a lot coming out soon! 😉

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