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The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide For Mom

Looking for a gift to give to you mom for her birthday, Christmas, or just to show her how much you care?

Well, you have found the ultimate jackpot, this amazon gift guide for mom!

Now these gifts don’t just have to be for your mother, they would also be perfect for you sister, bestie, grandma, or to gift yourself a little something!

The prices of everything in this amazon gift guide for mom vary but just about everything is under $100 & most is even under $25!

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Let’s get this amazon gift guide for mom started!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Cozy Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good cozy gift? I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t be psyched to get one (or all) of these comfy presents!

You could even do a little comfy gift basket where you put together all the cozy items to give to your mama!

If you have no idea what your mom wants or she is someone who just seems to have everything I would recommend choosing something in this category!

In fact, the safest option from this amazon gift guide for mom would probably be the weighted blanket, it is comfy, cute, will help her sleep better, & you can never have too many blankets!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Jewelry

So, jewelry is another safe bet that seemingly any woman would be thrilled to receive as a present

You can go big on this by getting her an expensive piece that will last for years & years or get her a few, less expensive, items.

You could also get you mom a cute jewelry set (aka, matching necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings, etc.)

& if you know that she likes a specific type of jewelry than you could make sure to center the set around that!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Makeup

If your mom loves beauty, skincare, & makeup than she will love these gifts!

This could also be the perfect opportunity to treat your mom to some higher end makeup

Especially if she typically goes for the drugstore products to stay within a budget but you know she is secretly dreaming of nicer items.

Just like all the other ideas, you could get her a makeup bag filled with products as a gift she will love & can continue to use even once the products are gone!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Fashion

If your mom loves clothes, shoes, & accessories this is perfect for her

You could get her a full outfit or maybe a pricier piece you know she has been wanting for a while!

This of course just depends on your mom’s style but if you’re not sure i linked some pretty basic yet super cute items below

These are items that I have a feeling anyone would love & could be worn in tons of different ways!

(If you want to see my favorite amazon fashion finds you can check these out!)

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Flowers & Plants

Okay so, this can be done in a few ways depending on what you think your mom would like best!

You could either get her real flowers (or a real plant)

Or get her a fake version (that still looks real) so they will last longer

If you mom is like me and always seems to accidentally kill her plants than the second option is definitely the way to go!

A great way to do this would be to get her a cute vase or flower pot to put them in.

Definitely make sure to get her a color that will match her house & if you know she likes a certain type or plant or flower you could get her that!

This is always a safe bet to get not only your mom but any other woman in your life!

(btw the fourth option below comes in a BUNCH of colors or you can just sort by color right here)

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… A Spa Day

If your mom is always on the go or you just want to pamper her this would be the perfect option!

You could get her a set where you include a bunch of items for a little spa day to treat herself!

If you know she has a favorite scent or color you could even do a themed gift basket around that

This is a gift that I am pretty sure anyone would love to recieve!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Candles

This is a great gift on its own or to add on to one of the previous gifts (like the spa day present!)

Just make sure your mom actually likes the smell of candles & they don’t hurt her head or anything

You could get her a few of her favorite candle if you know there is a specific scent that she is always running out of!

This gift definitely depends on what your mom likes so you can sort by scent right here

Or you can shop below for some basic & mellow scents that most people seem to like.

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Shopping

If your mom is like me & loves to shop or you want to get her some clothes but just aren’t sure what to buy this is the perfect gift to get her!

You could get her one of the below pouches to put a gift card or some cash into & then treat her to a shopping spree

You could even go with her and have a fun mother bonding day!

This is a great gift if you have absolutely no idea what to get her from this amazon gift guide for moms but still want to treat yo mama!

(+ she can use the pouch to store other items in the future!)

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Bags

If your mom is a bag lover than this idea is perfect to get her!

This is my favorite handbag from amazon that is only $25 & is super high quality + comes in a ton of colors that would be a great choice

Or if she has been wanting a designer bag this might be the perfect time to treat her to one!

& if she already has an everyday bag that you know the size of you could also get her a bag organizer!

If you aren’t sure what bag to get her, just get a basic color like brown in a simple style like this one!

But if she has a very particular style you can filter to find her the perfect bag right here!

If your mom is so obsessed with bags that she already has more than enough, i included some bag accessories & organizers below as well that would be a great gift!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Art

Now, here is where this gift really only applies to a very specific type of people

For example, this category (items for the artsy mom) would probably be the best gifts for my mom where another category (such as, for moms who love makeup) might be perfect for yours!

Art supplies can be expensive & if your mom loves art this would be such a great gift! 

Similar to the cozy gift basket, you could get her a nice art kit with all the supplies to make a certain project or just all of her favorites!

You could also book an art lesson at somewhere for you and her to go take together!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Cooking

It is always fun to get some cool new items to use in the kitchen or just to replace some old ones!

You could definitely get a bigger gift in this category (like a blender or mixer)

Or keep it more budget friendly and get some cute cutting boards, a towel set, or something else down below! (like the little bed for a sponge)😂

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Yoga

Do you always find your mom doing yoga or maybe going on hikes?

If your mom love working out & being active than these are perfect for her!

Depending on which activity she likes you could get her a cute activewear set &/or some new tennis shoes

Or maybe a new yoga mat with a nice case to carry it in.

If she likes taking yoga or workout classes, you could pay to take her to one as a present!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Home Decor

There is so much you could get her within this like cute new pillow covers or even some wall art!

You could also get her some cute trinkets to put on the shelves.

Or sentimental photos in some nice frames!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Coffee

(or tea)

You could definitely go big on this one by getting her something like a keurig (they also come in a bunch of colors & sizes now so you could find the perfect one for her)

You could get her a fun tester of different coffees to help her find her next favorite one!

There are also of course cute mugs & other cups that are always a safe option to get someone

If she already has all the basic coffee making essentials, there are still tons of fun items (i linked some below) that would be great to give her & show her that you know her well!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Hair Care

If you mom is a hair care fanatic than these will be great options for her!

With this one (like the last few) you can definitely go more budget friendly or the total opposite depending on how much you have to spend!

There are items such as a hair dryer or curler that are more splurge items.

Or there are cheaper options like her favorite hairspray, a hair mask, or even a hair care set!

If your mom has a favorite hair item that she always is using that is a bit more expensive maybe you could give her a nice set of that item!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Manicures

If your mom is manicure (or pedicure) lover than she will love these gifts!

This would be a great gift to go along with the spa day in a set!

Or you could get her a full on at home nail salon by getting a gel drying light, some nail polish in her favorite shade, & a foot bath!

You could also give her a gift card to her favorite salon or just take her there as your treat!

If you know she already has a tons of nail polish, there are tons of other cool items that she can use on her nails & cute display options you could get her that are linked below!

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Travel

If your mom loves travelling, these gifts will be for her!

Travelling requires lots of items with everything from a suitcase to a neck pillow.

If you want to make your moms next trip more fun, you could get her a travel pack with all her favorites!

You could even buy her a new suitcase so she will look extra stylish when she’s traveling!

If you really want to go all out & treat your mom to something special, you could book her a vacation (& maybe go with her for a fun trip!)

Amazon Gift Guide For Moms Who Love… Having A Clean House

If your mom loves her house to be clean than these gifts are for her!

There are items like the rumba that clean the floor.

Or smaller things like a cute towel set or some nice storage bins!

If you know your mom doesn’t have time to clean her house you could even hire her a cleaning service to come & clean for her as your gift!

I hope that this amazon gift guide for mom was helpful in finding the perfect present to get your mother!

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Stay tuned for more gift guides coming soon & let me know over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog if you have anyone specific that you want to see a gift guide for!

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