100+ Best Fashion Face Masks To Rock The Look Like A Pro

fashion face masks

We’ve got to wear a mask so why not look stylish while wearing them?

And why stick yourself to those boring blue masks when there are so many options being sold in practically every store!

Here you can find the best fashion fashion face masks including great basic options as well as prints for when you feel more fun!

There are also lots of different price range options depending on what you want to spend!

(to see the price just scroll over the images & if you want to shop any masks just click on the image!)

So…. let’s get our mask on!

Solid Color Fashion Face Masks

these are some options that are nice & simple to go with any outfit whether its patterned or not.

keep scrolling down to get to the fun stuff if that’s what you’re here for! 😉

Floral Fashion Face Masks

who doesn’t love a good floral print? these are some pretty & dreamy options for floral masks!

there are tons of print options too with everything from ditsy florals to tulip prints!

Designer Face Masks

designer face masks, because who doesn’t want to look like a million bucks!

these are awesome options for all my boujee girls & are going to be higher quality than the others!

Stylish Animal Print Masks

animal prints are so on trend & stylish! definitely an easy option to add with a basic outfit!

the main trending print is for sure leopard (followed closely by snakeskin) but i included others as well!

Fashion Face Masks With Bling

um… whoever started the bling face masks is a genius! they’re so cute & come in tons of options!

below are some of the cutest finds with all different types of bling from rhinestones to straight up glitter.

Tie Dye Face Masks

another huge trend is tie dye! these masks come in all types of color options from pastels to rainbow!

you could even make your own masks (i included an awesome set w/ all the materials) personalized to you

Cute Printed Masks

here are some adorable printed fashion face masks to style with your more basic outfits!

you can even use prints to show off your personality! for example, if you love pigs, you can get a pig mask!

Amazon Fashion Face Masks

oh amazon, everyones favorite place to shop! check this out for all my amazon fashion faves!

I thought it would be good to include an amazon section since they have some great, affordable, choices.

(these come in tons of colors/patterns so if you don’t like the one shown, i bet they have one you will like)

Face Masks For People With Acne

I know that for some people who struggle with acne face masks can be tough to navigate!

that’s why I wanted to help by choosing some of the best masks that shouldn’t upset your acne!

(& that are still super cute whether you struggle with this or not!)

from what I have read, if you struggle with this, you want go for a silk/satin or higher quality fabric mask.

Face Mask Chains

if you want to super glam out your face mask you can get a cute chain to go on the sides!

this is perfect for all my extra girls out there who want to make masks as fashionable as possible!

Face Mask Storage

this is also genius! This is such an easy & cute choice to keep in the car or in your purse!

and even once this is all over you can still use these to store other items for travel!

i hope this helped you to find the perfect fashion face masks for you!

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*this “fashion face masks” post contains affiliate links, that just means that if you purchase through my link, i will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!* i truly thank you so much if you decide to purchase through my link & i would love to see how you styled it so feel free to reach out to me! 🥰

have an absolutely amazing day & i hope to see you again soon!💓