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Simple Yet Thoughtful Gifts Your Best Friend Would Love!

Simple Yet Thoughtful Gifts Your Best Friend Would Love

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Gifts don’t define a friendship, but they demonstrate how much you value or appreciate your friend. According to statistics, about 68% of people consider giving a gift as a love language. To demonstrate love and care through a gift, you need to be thoughtful about it and consider whether your best friend will love it or not. Here are some simple yet thoughtful gift ideas worth exploring

1. A fancy makeup mirror

If your best friend loves makeup, they will undoubtedly appreciate a stylish makeup mirror, as they can apply their makeup and see how they’re looking in a matter of minutes. A makeup mirror can come with various designs and patterns, allowing you to choose one that suits your best friend’s personality. Additionally, there are several sizes you can choose from. It could be one your best friend can easily place in their bag to carry with them wherever they go or a big one they can place on their dresser.. 

2. A customized necklace

You can make any celebration extremely special by providing jewelry like a necklace. A customized necklace is a great way to communicate to your friend that you’re thinking about them and that they mean a lot to you. It could be their initials, a symbol they love, or anything significant to them. They can wear it anytime, and it will be a gift they will always remember you by.

3. Lip Balm

Lip balm is a simple and practical gift you can consider getting for your best friend. They can be used in various seasons, from autumn to winter. Aside from protecting their lips, it will also add a subtle touch to their physical appearance. You can explore different flavors to make it fun for your best friend whenever they apply it. It will also be the perfect addition to their cosmetic bag. 

4. Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable clothing is a thoughtful gift your best friend will appreciate, especially if they love fashion. They’ll come in handy because your best friend may need an outfit for particular occasions, whether lounging at home, going to work, or for a party. You can identify the kind of clothes your friend needs by keeping an eye on their wardrobe or asking them directly what they would like. If your friend loves everything vintage, you can consider getting them vintage clothing as a surprise. They’ll certainly remember to take a picture when they dress up and treasure the memory for a long time. Speaking of pictures, this leads to the next point.

5. A Portrait Or Picture Frame

Portraits can be a thoughtful and intimate gift, especially when everything is digital. It can be a keepsake where your best friend can store all their best-loved pictures. It can also add a cheerful touch to their interior decor when they place it on their favorite corner or table. They can even place it on their desk at work so they’ll easily remember you.  

These simple yet thoughtful gifts will surely get your best friend smiling and remind them that they mean the world to you.

I hope this helped you find the best gifts for your closest friends! Let me know over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog if I missed any that you think I should add to the list!

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