Where To Buy Jewelry That’s Affordable (And Good Quality)

Where To Buy Jewelry That’s Affordable (And Good Quality)

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Good quality jewelry can often be expensive. However, there are ways in which you can reduce the cost without reducing the quality. Whether you’re buying jewelry for yourself or for someone else, here are a few tips on how to find jewelry that is affordable and good quality. 

Get off the high street

High street stores can be some of the most expensive places to buy jewelry. While they generally have good quality jewelry, you could find that you save a lot of money by shopping elsewhere.

Online stores are a great option. You can’t try on jewelry or inspect jewelry in person when using these sites, however prices will be cheaper and in many cases there will be a greater selection.

The internet is a particularly good place to look for engagement rings for sale where you can save hundreds. You also have the choice of exploring custom jewelers online. You can even try sites like Amazon.

Look into used jewelry

Used jewelry is almost always cheaper than brand new jewelry. You can find such jewelry at jewelry stores or at consignment stores and general second-hand stores. By shopping for used jewelry in person, you can check the condition before you buy.

In most cases, such jewelry will be in great condition. It’s particularly a good option if you’re looking for something vintage (although you may be able to find many modern options in these stores too).

You can buy used jewelry online but it can be risky. Make sure plenty of pictures are supplied and only buy from trusted sites. A great place to shop for used jewelry is fashionphile!

Try alternative metals and stones

Finding jewelry that is good quality and affordable doesn’t just come down to where you buy it, but what type of jewelry you buy. The likes of gold and silver may be seen as the most luxury materials, but other precious metals can be just as attractive and are often a lot cheaper. Titanium and tungsten for example are popular alternatives to silver. 

The same goes for precious stones. There’s a growing trend towards non-diamond rings – colored stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires are becoming more popular. Opting for these alternative stones could save you a lot of money. 

Wait until the sale

Many jewelry stores will have regular sales throughout the year. These are the best opportunities to buy discounted jewelry. 

November through to February is when you’re likely to find the best deals. The Black Friday sales along with various Xmas sales can result in some big discounts.

January and February are meanwhile slow months due to most people not having much money left over from buying holiday gifts, so many jewelers continue sales throughout these periods.  

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