10 Best Dior Bags That Go With Every Outfit!

10 Best Dior Bags That Go With Every Outfit!

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This one’s for all my designer lovers! Seeing as there have been lots of requests for a best designer bags post, I figured I would start with the best dior bags!

Dior is always coming out with some of the most stylish and timeless looking bags, if you love them all and aren’t sure which to choose, I’ve got you covered with today’s post!

Seeing as the designs are always so amazing, it can tough to decide on which ones to purchase! So today I’ve got a roundup of all the best Christian Dior bags!

1. Lady Dior Bag

The lady dior is arguably the most stylish and best dior bag on the market! With the gorgeous design and all the color options, it’s almost irresistible.

If you want to shop this bag for a bit cheaper here are some used options or if you’re looking to treat yourself to something brand new, here is the original.

2. Lady D-Lite Bag

Seeing as the Lady Dior bag can be a bit too fancy for everyday use, this Lady D-lite bag is the perfect casual alternative!

If you want a brand new Dior D-lite bag, check the new bags out here! However if you’re looking for a slightly less pricey and gently used one, check out used D-lite bags here!

3. Saddle Bag

Moving on from the dior lady bags, next on this list is the stunning dior saddle bag! This purse is designed in such a unique shape & features the iconic gold “D”.

To shop the saddle bag brand new click here and to get it for a little less/pre owned click here!

4. Book Tote

If you’re looking for the best dior bag that is large enough to fit all the daily essentials, the dior book tote is the bag for you!

It has plenty of room and can easily fit a laptop if you’re looking for a designer work bag! You can shop preowned book totes here.

5. Vanity Case

The Dior vanity case is perfect if you’re looking for a travel bag or even just an everyday style bag! You can shop the brand new vanity cases here, they come in lots of pretty colors!

The vanity case also comes with a strap in case you want more convenience to wear your bag on a daily basis. (For preowned vanity cases shop here!)

6. Bobby Bag

The Dior bobby bag is perfect for everyday use, you can wear this bag with practically any outfit & easily dress it up or down.

You can wear the strap on this bag so many different ways making it such a versatile option. (shop preowned bobby bags here!)

7. Bowling Bag

If you’re looking for a casual style bag, the Dior bowling bag is a great choice for you!

There’s tons of colors and sizes in this bag and you can fit all the essentials in there! (shop preowned Dior bowling bags here!)

8. 30 Montaigne Box Bag

For those of you who love a box shape bag, the Dior 30 montaigne box bag is the best bet for you.

This bag has such a classic look and the simple color options are great if you want something to pair with every single outfit! (shop preused Dior montaigne box bags here!)

9. Caro Bag

For those of you looking for a stylish quilted bag with a chain, the caro bag is the best dior bag for you!

This bag comes with a chic chain design and has SO many color/style options. And if you’re looking for a clutch, the small option of the caro bag works perfectly! (shop preowned caro bags here!)

10. Dior Vibe Hobo Bag

If you prefer a more rounded bag, then the Dior vibe hobo bag is a great option!

This bag has such an elegant shape/design and is one of the best christian dior bags! (shop preowned dior hobo bags here!)

I hope this helped you find the best dior bags! If you have any other posts you want to see make sure to let me know over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog or through the contact form!

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