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Trendy Spring Outfits | Outfits Of The Week Vol.13

So, if you follow along on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog than you already know I do I a series on the blog called “outfits of the week” where every friday I share the realistic outfits that I wore for each day.

I like to try and have a general theme each week for the outfits so this week we’re going with trendy spring outfits since who doesn’t love a good trendy outfit?! Also I’m kind of out of things to name the outfits of the week for spring😂

If you have any theme requests feel free to send them in over on instagram or through the contact form.

So let’s just get right on into these trendy spring outfits!

Monday | Basic Outfit

trendy spring outfits
Quick Links: shorts (in a 27, tts) | top (in a xs, size down for skin tight look) | sneakers (tts) | purse | earrings

Okay, so this is just a good simple start to the week with these cute mom shorts from forever 21 & the basic tee from walmart.

You could easily add on a cool belt or a fun jacket to make this look more your style in seconds!

Btw these shorts are the perfect length if you like flattering but booty covering, they are longer/not ripped in the back but then have the distressing on the front which makes them way cuter on.

Tuesday | Casual Look

Quick Links: top (in a small, tts) | pants (in a small, tts) | sandals (tts) | necklace

This is just a super casual, boho kind of a vibe. The pants are a new fave from target that are just $25 & are soooo comfy.

The top is actually a forever 21 find that was somehow only $6 and comes in 2 other gorgeous color options.

I always love styling outfits like this with tighter tops and loser bottoms or vise-versa to really show off your figure but in a modest way.

Wednesday | Paperbag Shorts Outfit

Quick Links: top (in a xs, tts) | similar shorts

This is just a good casual look that is stylish yet still super comfy, which I mean who doesn’t love those kinds of outfits?!

Paperbag shorts are always a go to for that exact reason & they look really flattering when paired with a tight fitting top.

For more info on this sweater + a full on nasty gal review just click here!

Thursday | Sweater Vest Outfit!

Quick Links: sweater vest (in a small, oversized style) | similar shorts | similar layering top | shoes I'd wear with this if I left my house lol

Ahhh the sweater vest, who doesn’t love a good sweater vest outfit! I personally love the look of a sweater vest over a tight fitting top!

This vest is from walmart & is only $23 plus it comes in more color options. This is in the khaki color but it’s def more of a light beige tone.

It is just a great affordable option to rock the trend without breaking the bank but still looking bomb!

Friday | Romper + Striped Tee

Quick Links: shoes (size down 1/2 size) | similar romper | similar top

This outfit is another great option for the slightly chiller spring and summer days with the long sleeve tee + romper.

Rompers are always a go to because they’re just so easy to throw on with some sneakers or sandals & immediately look stylish.

These adidas are also the actual best sneakers for travel, walking, and fashion. They’re the perfect combo!

Links Requested This Week + Q/A:

Since I often receive dm’s over on instagram & emails through the contact form I like to add a little section to the outfits of the week posts where I address any questions you have! I am always happy to answer your questions, provide links, etc. so if you have anything for me to add to next week’s post make sure to send it in over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog or through the contact form (I’m more likely to respond quickly on instagram though)

Do you have any small things to make my day better? I’m trying to focus more on my happiness and I know it’s not fashion related but I thought I’d ask just in case.

So glad you asked this & that you are taking time for yourself that is so important! And just off that second part if you guys ever have non fashion related questions that is 100% fine to ask! This may be a fashion site but I’m a human just like you so I am definitely here to help!

But anyways, my absolute FAVORITE thing that can take as little or as long as you’d like each day is to have a dance party! As silly as it sounds even just giving yourself 5 minutes to put on your favorite tunes while you dance around is an easy way to feel instantly happy & if you do it for a while it’s actually a pretty good workout.

Do you have one of those amazon influencer account things? I love shopping on those but I don’t recall whether or not you had a page.

Yes, right here! I actually just made it a week or so ago so I’m still adding to it but i’ve got a few things on there. For even more amazon favorites though check out this page!

How do you make/order your coffee?

I always make my coffee at home by simply using chameleon cold brew coffee & rice milk (by the rice dream brand). I prefer to use about 2/3 coffee and 1/3 rice milk but that just depends on your flavor taste. Also just a little tip, if you like a slight vanilla taste use either vanilla cold brew OR vanilla coffee and then have the other one be plain (lol, if that was confusing I explained it better + shared what I eat in a day here)

Can you please link that sporty looking top you shared on stories a bit ago?

Yep, right here! It def gives adidas vibes but is way cheaper & is a great way to dress a bit more sporty but still stylish.

Shop these + other requested links:

Weekly Best Sellers:

I added this new section to last weeks ootw (outfits of the week) with the weekly best sellers so you can see what other sequins and satin readers are purchasing! And just a note, if you’re ever wearing something I recommended (which, thank you, I really appreciate all of you who support my business whether you read the posts each week or shop through my links) feel free to tag me on instagram, I love seeing how you guys style your items.

For More Trendy Spring Outfits:

For more trendy spring outfits feel free to click around the blog or instagram & to find something specific here on just click on the search icon and type in some keywords!

I hope you loved these trendy spring outfits! Make sure to send any requests for outfits of the week themes over to @sequinsandsatinblog on instagram or through the contact form here!

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