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Top 10 Summer Clothing Essentials Every Woman Needs!

Hey there! Welcome to the ultimate guide with the top 10 summer clothing essentials!

Today we’ll be going over some basics that you probably already know about as well as some less talked about must haves.

So for each category I’ll share my top picks as well as other style options if you’re looking for something else.

And last thing before we get into these summer clothing essentials, to shop any products simply click on words below & to shop any outfits just click on the image of the look you want! Some are linked on (guide on how to use here) & some go into more detail in other blog posts!

Alright, now we can get into the summer clothing essentials!

1. Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are just a great summer basic that everyone should have multiple pairs of! They’re so easy to slide on w/ dresses, shorts, rompers, or whatever summer outfit you’re wearing.

Plus flat sandals are really comfortable and work great if you’re like me & tend to stray away from heels. The sparkly option is perfect if you like a bit of glam & the braided sandals totally give beach vibes.

2. Slip Dress

This is one that isn’t talked about as much in these summer clothing essentials type posts but is definitely one of the top pieces to have for summer!

I love how you can simply wear these kind of dresses as an everyday outfit on their own, style a tee underneath or over, or wear over a swimsuit for a beach day! Or you can easily dress them up – especially the black dress on the left.

You can definitely get these at all types of price points as well as patterns. (like the pretty blue floral one!) Also you can totally pick whatever length is your fave since they come in everything from mini to maxi.

3. The Perfect Denim Shorts

Okay, I know you already knew this one but I HAD to include it because of this pair of shorts I found recently!

They’re SOOO comfortable and are modest in the back but then look shorter in the front with the rips.

This makes them perfect for anyone else who likes to have flattering shorts that aren’t totally showing their booty.

4. Woven Purse

Okay, so this one might not be an essential but it definitely adds some cuteness to any summer outfit and can be pretty affordable if you get the right one.

The white option from target is a great basic one to pair with any outfit & is a great size to fit your everyday necessities plus some!

The pink purse on the right is an excellent choice if you want a more subtle woven design w/ just a few woven details. Plus it’s an amazon find so there’s TONS of color options.

5. Linen Blend Pants

Another one that doesn’t get nearly enough attention – linen style pants! They’re so perfect for summer since they’re flowy and thin for the warmer days.

You can easily throw these on w/ a basic tee & sneakers or sandals for an everyday summer look. Plus they come in tons of fun colors & patterns!

The $25 linen style pants from target are a great choice if you want to just try the style out for cheap.

And the nordstrom pair of linen blend pants are a perfect option if you want something a bit more durable.

6. Rompers

Who doesn’t love a good romper?! They’re so easy to throw on w/ sneakers or sandals for the summer and just head on out the door!

Plus you can get them in casual options or more dressy choices and you pretty much have the entire outfit done for you.

The mint green romper is a recent forever 21 that’s just $29 and is the cutest little pint + has an adorable tie design in the back.

7. White Sneakers

Honestly white sneakers are a year round must have but especially come in handy during the summer months.

They look so fresh and go with practically any outfit you’re wearing! Plus they come in all types of style options.

The high top white converse are a great choice for anyone wanting a sporty but not tenni shoe style.

And the white slip-on toms are nice for pairing with any outfit but look especially cute w/ dresses & skirts.

8. Paperbag Shorts

So, you have the denim shorts but now what do you wear when it’s just not feeling like a denim day? Well opting for a pair of paperbag shorts is always a great way to go.

They’re comfortable yet still stylish & come in all types of rises, prints, colors, lengths, etc. so you can get the perfect option for your style.

9. Sunglasses

Obviously we can’t forget about sunglasses! These options are all from amazon & are super affordable yet still high quality choices.

The round frame sunglasses are a great option for flattering sunglasses that cover a lot of space on da face.

And of course the heart ones are just so fun! So are the rose gold mirrored sunglasses!

My most worn out of these though is definitely the oversized black sunglasses – they just go with every outfit & look very stylish.

10. Smocked Tanks

Another one that isn’t talked about enough in these summer clothing essentials posts, smocked tank tops!

These are just so easy to throw on in the summer w/ shorts or a skirt & be out the door. Plus they look super stylish!

These options are both from forever 21 and fit true to size. The brown tank is a more smocked everywhere design and the floral tank is just smocked on the sleeves if you aren’t 100% sold on the style yet.

I hope this helped you in finding some new summer clothing essentials to add to your wardrobe!

Make sure to let me know which is your fave over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog & for any questions just dm me on insta or send them through the contact form!

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