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Minimal Spring Outfits | Outfits Of The Week Vol.14

So, if you follow along on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog or here on the blog than you already know I do I a series on the blog called “outfits of the week” where every friday I share the realistic outfits that I wore for each day.

I like to try and have a general theme each week for the outfits so this week we’re going with minimal spring outfits since who doesn’t love a good trendy outfit?! Also I’m kind of out of things to name the outfits of the week for spring so if you have ideas hit me up please😂

If you have any theme requests feel free to send them in over on instagram or through the contact form.

So let’s just get right on into these minimal spring outfits!

Monday | Shorts & Long Sleeve Tee

minimal spring outfits
Quick Links: shorts (in a 27, tts) | top (in a small, tts)

Monday’s super basic look! Just went with these awesome forever 21 shorts that are longer in the back & have the cute rips in the front which make them more flattering but still modest.

Plus the simple long sleeve tee w/ the embroidered flower. I love these pairings for spring or summer days where it’s a bit chilly or windy but still hot!

Tuesday | Royal Blue Dress

Quick Links: dress (in a small, tts) | converse (tts) | hair clip (comes in a set)

Now I’m not usually a royal blue fan but this dress is just so cute! Also if you have blue-green eyes like me it totally makes the blue pop.

The fit is so flattering with the smocked waist and ruffled bottom + it’s super affordable at just $27.

Wednesday | Paperbag Shorts Outfit

Quick Links: top (in a small, tts) | similar shorts | similar sneakers | similar headband | necklace

Paperbag shorts – the go to casual but stylish shorts option! These are so easy to wear for spring, summer, or even fall with so many different looks.

With these style shorts I always recommend wearing a tighter fitting top or atleast tucking your top in all the way (as I did w/ this top) or else it looks really bulky at the waist.

Thursday | Travel Outfit Inspo

Quick Links: leggings (in a small, tts) | shoes (tts) | similar top | similar headband

This is just a super casual outfit that you could wear on a daily basis or would be perfect for travel – especially if you threw a jacket around your waist! Also the leggings are SO comfortable & only $19.

Also just a little note if you like the curtain bands look just put on a headband like this and then pull the hair that is closest to your forehead a little bit out. (you can see a better example in wednesday’s outfit btw)

Links Requested This Week + Q/A:

Since I often receive dm’s over on instagram & emails through the contact form I like to add a little section to the outfits of the week posts where I address any questions you have! I am always happy to answer your questions, provide links, etc. so if you have anything for me to add to next week’s post make sure to send it in over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog or through the contact form (I’m more likely to respond quickly on instagram though)

This is a really weird question but are there any book or movie characters you relate a lot too?

Haha, yes! And btw I love answering the weird questions you guys, they’re really fun!

I would probably say Darcy from pride & prejudice because (like me) he takes a while to open up and be himself around new people but once he does he’s a pretty affectionate person. And just because he does the most awkward things + his flirting skills are trash😂

Favorite shows? Just finished a series & looking for something new to watch!

Definitely! I’m personally a big comedy fan so most (literally all) of these are comedy. Here they are:

  1. Curb your enthusiasm – about a dude getting into awkward situations, hilarious & super relatable. SO GOOD!
  2. Community – some of the episodes are really weird & some are great – the earlier seasons tend to better.
  3. Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog – the name makes it sound stupid but it’s really funny & has a bunch of great actor’s. This one is just a 40 minute movie, not a series.
  4. Anchorman – this one is also a movie but SO funny, it’s one of those that’s really cheesy but on purpose ones. It does get inappropriate so don’t watch with kids.
  5. The good place – this is a great one with Kristen Bell who is always hilarious and is just such an interesting topic for a show that you usually don’t see!
  6. The office – most people know about this one but it’s my personal fave so I had to share it! The seasons w/ steve carell are way better though.
What shoes do you wear for working out or camping and stuff like that?

These nike tennis shoes are definitely my favorite – they’re a bit expensive but 100% worth it! I’ve had them for around 4 years and they’re still in excellent condition even after taking them on countless trips, hikes, camping, and all that!

Shop these + other requested links:

Weekly Best Sellers:

I added this new section to last weeks ootw (outfits of the week) with the weekly best sellers so you can see what other sequins and satin readers are purchasing! And just a note, if you’re ever wearing something I recommended (which, thank you, I really appreciate all of you who support my business whether you read the posts each week or shop through my links) feel free to tag me on instagram, I love seeing how you guys style your items.

For More Minimal Spring Outfits:

For more minimal spring outfits feel free to click around the blog or instagram & to find something specific here on just click on the search icon and type in some keywords!

I hope you loved these minimal spring outfits! Make sure to send any requests for outfits of the week themes over to @sequinsandsatinblog on instagram or through the contact form here!

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