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10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials!

Today I thought I would go ahead & share the top 10 spring wardrobe essentials that I think everyone should have in their closet.

From denim to sandals, this post covers all the must haves with links to my favorites for each one as well as other style finds so there is something for everyone!

So without further ado let’s just get into these 10 spring wardrobe essentials.

And if you’re here for the Q/A part (where I answer top asked questions about spring style) just scroll to the bottom!

1. White Sneakers

A good pair of white sneakers being first on the list should come as no surprise to any frequent sequins & satin readers!

I love myself some white sneakers year round but they especially in the spring since they go with pretty much any outfit!

These white sneakers are a recent target find that totally give off spring & summer vibes with the crosshatch design & straw detailing.

They’re super comfortable too (I am wearing them right now, lol) and you can see more about them + an easy way to style them for spring in my target haul youtube video!

Also… for more white sneaker options (since I know slip on might not be everyone’s cup of tea) check out this post where I shared the top 7 spring & summer shoes including lots of white sneakers!

2. Light Wash Denim

From shorts to jeans light wash denim is a spring style must have! You can get ripped, non ripped, light wash skirts, shorts, jeans, and more!

Light washes just always look good in the spring since they brighten up your look & can be worn with floral tops for even more fun.

The jeans shown on the right are a recent target find that are just perfect for spring! I’m wearing a 2 & they fit tts – more about them in this post.

3. Lightweight Sweaters

Even though spring days are a bit warmer they can still get chilly which is why I always suggest adding a lightweight sweater to your spring wardrobe.

These are great to style over dresses or to wear with jeans. You can even find open knit options if you want a really lightweight option!

I would say to atleast have a white one and then a tan as well as a pastel color option are great add on’s!

This star sweater is an amazon find (gifted) and it’s the perfect example of a lightweight sweater for the spring that’s only $22.

4. Slip On Sandals

Now I’m not talking about those $5 flip flops that fall apart after one trip to the beach, I’m talking about some cute & fashionable slide on sandals that look good but keep you comfy!

My favorites are by far the embellished sandals from target since not only do they meet the criteria above. but they’re also super affordable & look way more expensive than they are.

And the great part about slip on sandals is that you can quickly slide them on while you’re running out the door since they go with basically any outfit.

Plus you can wear them all the way from spring into early fall so you’ll get tons of use + outfits out of them.

5. Layering Tees

these all come in a ton of other colors btw

This is another one that is needed not just for spring but I find they come in handy all the time throughout the warmer months.

My favorites are the fitted tees from walmart & the looser pocket tees from madewell. (both come in TONS of colors)

Basic tees in the spring can be style so many different ways! You can wear them under (or over) dresses, with jeans, skirts, shorts, or really anything you can think of!

One of my fave looks for a colder spring day is to throw on a floral dress and sneakers but then add a basic tee and give it a cute little knot to totally transform the look – you can see what I’m talking about in this post!

6. A Simple White Dress

A simple white dress (whether it be a mini sundress or a maxi one) is always a great idea for your spring wardrobe.

This is a good option that can be worn right on into summer as well & would look great from daily wear to on the beach.

The crochet design on the dress I’m wearing makes it super fun & extra cute! I’m wearing the small & it fits tts.

7. Floral Print Pieces

I think this one goes without saying but some cute floral pieces are a definite must have for any spring closet!

They can be as fun or as subtle as you want! There’s SO many options now with everything from colorful to black & white options.

I shared a lot of cute new floral finds in the recent target haul so that is a great place to start if you’re looking to shop this essential!

8. Lace Bralette

A lace bralette is another great option to have in the spring especially if you’re wearing something off the shoulder, open back, or just anything that might show a bit of bra.

These come in pretty much any color you could think of from the bright pinks and blues to more muted whites and grays.

My favorites are from aerie since they come in so many size options and a pretty darn affordable.

The first bra linked is the bralette shown on the right, that’s my favorite one because it has the adjustable back & straps so that you can get it to fit just right (which alot of bralettes don’t have)

9. White Denim

Another spring essential that looks great with every outfit! From white denim shorts to jeans and even white denim dresses this is a great wardrobe piece to have.

Also… side note, I was just reading into this & apparently the no white after labor day rule (which I DO NOT agree with) came from a while back when the wealthy women would wear white in the warmer months and darker colors for the colder months. Just thought that was interesting and figured some of you might be wondering the same thing.

Anyways back to talking about this essential, I shared these white denim shorts in a walmart try on recently & they’re a perfect white denim option that is affordable (just $11) but not see through & still high quality.

10. Denim Jacket

Not to be your basic blogger here but a denim jacket is a must have! This is another option that can be worn year round but tends to get more use in the spring season.

You can even combine this one with the light wash or white denim essentials (or just get both🤪) to get a 2 in 1!

Jacket I’m wearing linked here (gifted – true to size, wearing a medium for a more boxy fit). More about the jacket in this post (it has pearls!!!)

Spring Wardrobe Essentials Q/A:

I like to add a question and answer section to all posts since it makes it much easier for you guys to see the exact answers instead of digging through a post to find them!

So since today’s post is spring wardrobe essentials I’ll be answering all your questions about spring stlye.

And… If you want to submit a question for me to answer (I answer general questions in the outfits of the week posts) just send those in through the contact form or better yet over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog

What do you wear Over a sleeveless dress in spring when it’s still somewhat cold?

Ahh, the ever so frequently asked question, how to style a dress when it’s that in between cold and warm weather! Well… fear not, there are so many jackets you can style over a dress from denim jackets to moto jackets but my favorite item to wear over a dress for spring is a sweater (or if it’s a bit warmer) a long sleeve tee with a little knot! – shown in this post

Can I wear over the knee boots in spring?

Absolutely! Pairing over the knee boots with a skirt and fitted long sleeve is a great option for early spring weather. I would recommend however sticking with lighter color otk boots (avoid black, dark brown, navy blue, etc.) if you do plan to wear them into the spring months.

What should I wear for a colder spring day?

I actually have an entire post about this that you can check out here with all things from jeans and sweaters to how to style a skirt when it’s cold!

And that brings us to the end! I hope you found this helpful and were able to find some cute new spring wardrobe essentials!

Let me know which was your favorite over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog or on youtube @sequinsandsatin

These spring wardrobe essentials contain affiliate links, that just means that if you purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! (you can read more about this here) I truly thank you so much if you decide to purchase through my link as it helps me to continue creating content for you!🥰

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