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Top 7 Best Spring And Summer Shoes Every Woman Needs!

Today I thought we would simply go over the top 7 best spring and summer shoes that every woman needs to own!

I’ll share my favorites as well as other options in each style so you can get whatever best suits you!

If you just want to see what is trending or what the best shoe brands are scroll to the end.

Anyways, let’s just get right on into the best spring and summer shoes for women!

1. Slide On Sandals

Another absolute necessity for the summer and spring months, sandals that you can just slide on & head out the door!

These style sandals tend to be more comfortable too than the regular strappy flip flop ones + they look way more stylish.

There are lots of different style options you can get these in too with everything from glam, sparkly options (like the ones above) to more casual options too

2. White Sneakers

A good pair of white sneakers is a year round must have for sure, not just for spring & summer!

However, a spring/summery pair of white sneakers is perfect for those bright, sunny days when you want to dress casual.

The pair on the left are definitely more of a spring/summer style with the espadrille design + they’re only $29!

3. Espadrille Sandals

Who doesn’t love a fun pair of espadrilles? They’re always so comfortable & can be styled with any outfit!

The espadrilles on the right are a great steve madden inspired option if you like the look but want something a bit less expensive.

These both come in lots of other color options and are so easy to add to any spring or summer outfit.

4. Light Color Ankle Booties

Who says you can’t keep wearing your boots in the spring & summer? Not me!

These are an amazing option for the warmer months since they have the studs & cutouts + are a nice, light color which definitely gives more of a spring/summer vibe!

Plus they’re a low ankle bootie style so you be overheating in them on those warmer days. These are 2 of my absolute faves that get worn on repeat!

5. Colorful/Fun Sneakers

Some sort of colorful (even just a solid color) or printed sneaker is a must have for the spring & summer.

If you want to still get a pair that can match just about every outfit, keep it simple with a solid color pair in your favorite shade (like the pink vans – which come in basically every color imaginable!)

Or if you want something that’s a bit more of a statement piece, printed or sparkly sneakers (like the rose gold vans) are the way to go!

6. Tennis Shoes

Maybe this year we can’t take a trip to the theme parks but you can still rock your tennis shoes for hiking, running errands, a trip to the park, or just for a stroll around the neighborhood!

I feel like this one if often overlooked for a spring/summer shoe simply because they aren’t necessarily a fashion shoe.

But there are TONS (and I mean tons) of super stylish tennis shoes! I linked both the fun rose gold option and the more basic black option so you can decide if you want the more stylish option or the more basic, everyday style (or both🙈)

7. Simple Heels

A pair of simple heels is a must have for anyone who likes to dress up a bit or attends lots of events!

I linked this exact pair but since it only comes in the one color option, I also added some others from this brand that come in lots of options!

A neutral tone (like the light tan) is always a great option but if you want to get more of a statement piece some of the colorful ones would be fun too!

More Of The Best Spring And Summer Shoes

After polling some of you on instagram (@sequinsandsatinblog) I got some questions that I figured I would go ahead and answer in this blog post!

And on a side note if you ever have any questions or content you want to see (whether that be how to style something specific or more general like wedding guest dresses) make sure to send that in either through the contact form or (for a much more quick response) on instagram!

What Shoes Are Trending For 2021?

Of course, always wear what you like whether it’s trending or not, but I did have some questions on what the summer and spring 2021 shoes trends were so I figured why not share them:

(btw these are in no particular order of trendiest to least trendy or anything like that)

  1. Braided sandals: these are SO cute & if you look at practically any stores sandal selection you best believe they’re carrying these!
  2. Block heels: another open toe shoe design that comes in all different ranges from extreme block heels to more subtle options.
  3. Skinny heels: the total opposite of block heels, skinny heels! Let me know what you think of these because I’m not so sure🤨
  4. Platform sandals: yet another sandal option (which is no surprise for spring & summer).
  5. Vintage looking sneakers: these are all over the place & are great for on trend yet still classic shoes that can be worn for years to come.
  6. Mules: something I wouldn’t have expected to be trending until I looked around… mules! (my faves linked in this post)

What Is The Best Walking Sneaker?

By far the best walking sneakers are the adidas superstar sneakers! I have had mine for years & they’re still super comfortable + stylish.

I’ve even worn them to amusement parks, for travel, taking my sister to the park, and for countless numbers of other activities.

If you want something that is more sporty than the nike free run tennis shoes are another amazing option.

These are more versatile since you can wear them for anything from travel to taking a run however I would still say the adidas superstar is more comfortable & much more stylish!

Which Brands Make The Best Shoes?

This really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of price, quality, fit, all that but I will list some of my faves + why below!

  1. Adidas: this brand has the best shoes if you are looking for something comfortable that will hold up for years and years.
  2. Universal thread: a target brand that has awesome options that are affordable but still high quality.
  3. A new day: another target brand that is basically the same price point & quality as universal thread.
  4. Dream pairs: this is an amazon brand that actually makes really great shoes for super cheap (the heels that are #7 on the list are by this brand)
  5. Nike: of course nike is always a great option if you want high quality, more sporty looking shoes that will last forever
  6. Divided at H&M: this one might be a bit surprising but h&m actually has really cute, more fun shoes for super cheap.
  7. Journee collection: This brand has the best shoes for any feminine style lover (the booties from #3 on the list best shoes is from this brand!)
  8. So: this is a Kohl’s brand that makes the cutest shoes for amazing prices! They have tons of great basics & are always going on sale.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the best spring and summer shoes & make sure to let me know which was your favorite by leaving a comment or DMing me over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog.

Thank you for reading & I appreciate all of you so much! Have a wonderful day & I hope to see you again soon 💕

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