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Cute Stay At Home Outfits | Outfits Of The Week Vol.6

So, if you follow along on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog than you already know I am starting a new series on here with outfits of the week!

We are going to try and have a “theme” each week so this week is cute stay at home outfits since I know you all love comfy looks!

If you have any theme requests feel free to send them in over on instagram or through the contact form.

Note: as the week goes on the outfits pretty much get more casual so you can sort of scroll to where you want based on that 🙂

So let’s just get right on into these cute stay at home outfits!

Monday | Business Casual Outfit

cute stay at home outfits
Quick Links: blazer (small, tts) | leggings (small, tts if between go up) | sneakers (tts) | top (in xs, size down for skin tight)

This look is so perfect for anyone who wants a professional look that is still comfortable and easy to wear.

The $35 blazer is a recent target style find (you can shop all target faves here) & is the perfect length to wear with leggings!

This one is also a great zoom outfit since you look put together but really you’re just keeping it nice & casual.

Tuesday | Casual Tee & Leggings

Quick Links: floral embroidered tee (small, tts) | fleece lined leggings (small, tts)

This top has been a major bestseller recently & I 100% see why! Not only is it super cute with the embroidered design but it’s also SO comfy!

It is definitely an oversized fit so just keep that in mind when choosing what size but yeah, this is the perfect long sleeve tee for springtime!

Also wearing these fleece lined leggings from amazon that are so so so soft on the inside! They come in more colors too if maroon isn’t your thing.

Wednesday | Tie Dye Tee With Leggings

Quick Links: tie dye tee (small, tts) | leggings (small, tts - but if in-between size up)

This is the same tee as tuesday just in the tie dye option! I’m not usually one to go for tie dye patterns but this is a great one that’s a bit less in your face.

It’s also super comfy (like, somehow comfier than the embroidered one… not sure why since they’re the same thing though, hmmmm)

And then I’m just wearing these amazon leggings that are a great basic option to have, maybe size up if in between though since they are a bit snug.

Thursday | Chic Outfit With Joggers

Quick Links: sweatshirt (medium, tts) | shacket (small, tts) | vans (tts) | similar joggers

This sweatshirt has been a long time favorite from H&M! The fit is perfect and so is the price (only $17).

Plus it comes in more color options & is just another great basic to have that isn’t to pricey. I am in the medium for an oversized look but a small would have probably worked to, so that’s just up to how you like your sweatshirts to fit.🤷‍♀️

The shacket is from the nasty gal review & really takes this outfit up a notch yet is such a simple thing to add on!

Friday | Casual Leggings Outfit + Faux Fur Vest

Quick Links: top (in a xs, same as 1st outfit) | leggings (small, tts) | combat boots (size down 1/2 size) | similar vest

This is another great look if you want to keep it casual and comfy but still look super stylish! The top is the same as monday & you can read more about that in the recent spring walmart haul.

The faux fur vest definitely takes this up a notch in terms of cuteness and looks so cute with the combat boots.

The leggings & the boots are both amazon favorites and if you want to shop all my amazon fashion favorites here are those!

Links Requested This Week + Q/A:

If you want me to answer your question in next weeks ootw (outfits of the week) blog post just send them in via the contact form or better yet on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog


Favorite leggings that you don’t feel exposed in? Looking for some everyday leggings but I don’t like the thin ones where you can see everything! I got you covered, by far my favorite is this pair from amazon! They’re high waisted, have pockets on the side, fit true to size (I wear a small), they’re only $19, and have a super faint leopard print. I’ll also link some other faves below too! (shown in friday’s outfit)

Air Fryer:

I saw you post about the air fryer the other day & I was wondering what you recommend to cook in there? Also can you please link the air fryer again. You can pretty much cook anything in it but my faves are brussel sprouts or kale with a little avocado oil. They get nice & crispy if you leave them in for long enough and taste SO good! Air fryer linked from amazon here (or click on the image of it below)

Initial Necklace:

Do you mind sharing a link to that initial necklace you shared a while ago? Of course, this initial necklace from amazon is a new fave, it makes for a great gift or just to get for yourself & also comes in an earring option linked here. Plus the necklace is only $13 & is great quality!

Spring Shoes:

What are your top shoe recommendations? Looking for some comfortable but affordable options for this spring season! I actually just put out a new blog post with a full on guide to the best spring & summer shoes which you can see here! I go into detail on all different styles from sneakers to sandals and even some warm weather ankle booties!

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For more cute stay at home outfits feel free to click around the blog or instagram & to find something specific here on just click on the search icon and type in some keywords!

I hope you loved these cute stay at home outfits! Make sure to send any requests for outfits of the week themes over to @sequinsandsatinblog on instagram or through the contact form here! (that’s how I got this weeks theme of cute stay at home outfits!)

These cute stay at home outfits contain affiliate links, that just means that if you purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! (you can read more about this here) I truly thank you so much if you decide to purchase through my link as it helps me to continue creating content for you!🥰

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