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15 Best Cettire Cargo Pants Dupes!

15 Best Cettire Cargo Pants Dupes!

Hello friends! Today I’ve got another designer dupes post! Here I’ve compiled a list of the 15 best cettire cargo pants dupes (all under $50)!

If you’re obsessed with the cettire cargo pants but don’t want to drop over $1000 on a pair of pants, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Below you’ll find the best cettire attico pants dupes! So without further ado let’s just get into the best cettire cargo pants alternatives!

*note: these are in no way knockoffs, just lookalikes to get a similar vibe for less $$

Aliexpress Cettire Dupe:

For great cettire cargo pants dupes from aliexpress, these under $50 pants are the PERFECT option! They have amazing reviews and come in multiple color options.

Amazon Cettire Cargo Pants Dupes:

Amazon always has the best dupes and best prices! If you want some amazon cettire cargo pants dupes, check out these pants!

Ego Cettire Cargo Pants Dupe:

For a slightly more expensive but higher quality dupe, these ego cargo pants are the perfect option, they still affordable at the price of $65 and come in more colors.

Shein Cettire Dupe:

Another great place to shop for dupes is shein! They have these cargo jeans for under $40 that have over 500 great reviews!

Another Aliexpress Cettire Dupe:

Here’s another aliexpress option that is under $50! These cargo jeans are SO cute and a perfect dupe for the cettire cargo pants.

Green Cettire Cargo Pants Dupe:

If you love the ego pants option but want a more unique color, these pants are a great choice. They’re under $70 and are such a fun vibe!

Light Wash Cettire Cargo Pants Dupe:

Another aliexpress option is this pair of light wash cettire cargo pants dupes! These pants have excellent reviews and just look like the original!

Tie Dye Cettire Pants Dupe:

One of the majorly trending pairs of cettire cargo pants is the tie dye pants! So if you love that style but want to pay under $60, these pants are the choice for you.

Temu Cettire Cargo Pants Dupe:

Yet another amazing place to look for dupes is Temu! I found these cargo pants on Temu for under $30 that totally look like cettire attico pants for less!

Ego Cettire Cargo Pants Look Alike:

I know there are lots of pants from ego on this list but that’s because they have so many great cettire pants dupes! These mid rise pants are yet another amazing choice for under $70.

Urban Outfitters Cettire Pants Dupes:

If you like the look of the cettire pants but want something less dramatic, these under $90 pants from urban outfitters make a great choice.

Another Tie Dye Cettire Pants Dupe:

If you’re the kind of gal who loves the look of cettire pants but wants something that’s not denim, these cargo trousers from ego are perfect for you! (plus they’re under $60!)

Camo Cettire Pants Dupe:

These camo tie dye cargo pants from aliexpress are another great choice for cettire pants dupes! They’re under $50 and come in 2 color options!

Dark Wash Cettire Pants Dupe:

Another cettire dupe option from shein are these $30 dark wash cargo jeans! These pants come in multiple colors and have over 1000 amazing reviews!

Camouflauge Cettire Pants Dupe:

The final dupe on the list today are these camouflage pants from ego! They’re under $60 and are a great choice if you want a camo cettire pants dupe!

Which pants do you think are the best cettire cargo pants dupes? I honestly can’t choose, these are all great & are perfect affordable options for the cettire attico cargo pants! Let me know which of these is your fave over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog where I’ll be sharing all things fashion!

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With love, Keira

best cettire cargo pants dupes

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