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17 Brands Like Loveshackfancy | Where To Get Loveshackfancy Inspired Clothing

Okay, let’s just take a sec to talk about loveshackfancy before jumping into this post.

LSF (loveshackfancy) has some of the prettiest, feminine, pieces in all things floral print & pastel.

But what’s the catch? Well, the items are crazy expensive around $300-$1000+ per piece!

As avid sequins & satin readers know (or if you’re new here welcome, I’m so happy to have you!) we are all about affordable & feminine fashion here.

So this seemed like the perfect post to write since lots of you loved the loveshackfancy x target post.

Anyways, let’s just get right into these 17 brands like loveshackfancy (that are all much more affordable!)

1. Reddress

By far reddress boutique is the BEST of these brands like loveshackfancy! They have all things from dresses to shoes with new arrivals all the time.

Not only do they meet the feminine florals and pastels criteria of loveshackfancy clothes but they’re also SUPER affordable at (mostly) everything under $50.

I will link a few options from there but if you click here you can shop all the choices they have (which, trust me, is a-lot.)

2. Buddy Love

Now buddy love is a bit more pricey than red dress but they have a wonderful selection as well that are all totally lsf inspired!

Buddy love does sell lots of categories but their dresses are really where it’s at, they have so many pretty options that are mostly under $100.

The swimsuit selection is also wonderful with high quality & adorable printed one pieces + bikinis.

And just a little btw, buddy love also has some of the cutest little kids clothes so you could get a matching set for you & your child or as a gift for your friends with kids!

3. Petal & Pup

Another great loveshackfancy inspired brand that has some of the prettiest little floral prints ever!

Petal & Pup is a great place too if you want feminine matching sets where you can buy the top & bottom seperatley.

They also specialize in dresses it seems but the selection of other clothing articles are beautiful as well.

4. Sabo

Yet another gorgeous feminine brand with tons of pretty floral prints & neutral color options – especially if you include pink as a neutral 😉

Most of the pieces from Sabo seem to be under $100 which is great considering how cute they are!

Also I feel like this is a brand that not many people know about but they have some seriously good finds.

5. Shop The Mint

Shop the mint is a great choice if you want to shop feminine pieces but also find trendy options too.

They have tons of new arrivals all the time & have a pretty similar vibe to red dress (the first one on this list)

You can also get 15% off your first order by signing up for their email list!

6. Pretty Garden

Pretty Garden is one of my favorite affordable brands that is actually from amazon! They have so many pretty pieces for cheap prices!

Most of the items are under $50 & come in more colors + they have some adorable printed options.

They definitely have a vintage type vibe which is perfect seeing as that’s very similar to the LSF style.

7. Altar’d State

Altar’d state is a pretty well known brand but I still feel like a lot of you might not know about it so here it is!

Similar to shop the mint they do have a wide variety of feminine to more trendy styles but their main focus is very boho with lots of florals & pastels.

8. Hello Molly

Hello molly is another great place to get all the loveshackfancy inspired clothing you want but for way less!

They definitely have tons of style options whether you want a night out dress or a more conservative option.

9. Shein

Shein is another one that is crazy affordable, just make sure to read the reviews first because they’re always a hit or miss in terms of quality.

But Shein is like the cheapest of the cheap & they pretty much have any style you could possibly want.

10. ShowPo

Showpo is yet another wonderful option that has tons of gorgeous items!

And the dress section is just insane, amazing pieces for anything a bit more formal.

11. Chicwish

Chicwish has the same floral & lacey vibes as loveshackfancy too however it is way more affordable!

This is just such a great feminine store in general though whether you want LSF inspired clothing or just some feminine pieces.

By the way you can read the whole list of the top feminine clothing brands here or the best affordable online boutiques here.

12. CeCe

CeCe is another brand that is a must see simply because they have gorgeous dresses for WAY cheap.

Everything seems to be under $100 but they also always have items going on sale as low as $40!

13. Sister Jane

Okay, okay, so this one might not be as affordable as the other’s but if you like loveshackfancy you’ll love sister jane!

Just like many of these other stores, sister jane has tons of vintage design pieces for all my old timey outfit lovers!

14. WAYF

Wayf is a super recent brand find (literally, I found it today😂) but they have great options w/ everything from neutrals to floral prints.

They have all things puff sleeves too which I know most of you reading this have got to love a good extravagant sleeve design!

15. ASTR The Label

ASTR the label is another recent brand find that offers amazing pieces as well as some seriously cute dresses.

They have some awesome wedding guest dresses as well as more casual, everyday-wear like the cardigans!

16. Lulus

Ahh, lulus, one of the top sequins & satin reader favorites! You all seem to love lulus & I can 100% see why!

Their selection of trendy to basic to feminine options is unreal & the website is super easy to navigate which always helps.

17. Cleobella

Similar to sister jane, cleobella is also a bit pricey but any loveshackfancy lover will absolutely adore their items.

This brand also has some childrens clothing options which I mean, how cute is that?!

I hope this helped you to find some brands like loveshackfancy! For more make sure to check out my amazon loveshackfancy dupes list here!

If I missed any brands that you think would be a good addition to this list make sure to let me know via the contact form here or better yet on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog!

This “brands like loveshackfancy” post contains affiliate links, that just means that if you purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! (you can read more about this here) I truly thank you so much if you decide to purchase through my link as it helps me to continue creating content for you!🥰

best brands like Loveshackfancy
best brands like loveshackfancy!