Best Girly Clothing Stores | Top 21 Feminine Clothing Brands

Best Girly Clothing Stores | Top 21 Feminine Clothing Brands

best girly clothing stores
best girly clothing stores

If you are a fellow girly girl, this is the ultimate guide to all the best girly clothing stores.

This includes the best girly clothing stores for all different styles (florals, pastels, etc.) as well as at different price points!

As I find more, I will continue to update this post with all the best girly clothing stores!

#1 | Row A

This nordstrom brand is a super recent find that every girly girl that has a floral dress obsession NEEDS to know about!

They have the cutest, feminine styles with everything from casual, everyday looks, to more dressy options that are perfect for any formal occasion.

You can shop all the items from Row A here! Btw the pieces are mostly under $50 (most of the sale styles are around $20 though!)

#2 | French Connection

This is another cute brand find that I stumbled upon just the other day. It is a super feminine clothing brand with ruffles and all the girlyness!

They seem to have everything from basics to extravagant puff sleeve tops & everything in-between.

You can shop french connection here. The prices seem to be around $100 however they do have a pretty good sale selection if that is too much for you!

#3 | LC Lauren Conrad

If you are a girly girl who has never purchased from lauren conrad you best GET ON IT! They have the cutest jewelry, clothing, shoes, all of it!

The prices are crazy cheap with jewelry being around $14 & the clothes being around $30. (plus you can get kohl’s cash & all that on them!)

You can shop lauren conrad here at kohl’s, it is one of the absolute best girly clothing stores that always has high quality & insanely cute pieces.

#4 |

Okay, so, is a super cute brand that has ALL the great basics that have a little something extra (if you know what I mean)

If you don’t I’m basically just talking about basics that have something like ruffles, cinched details, or anything like that!

You can shop here. The prices are pretty good (especially for pieces you can style so many ways) & are around $50 per piece.

#5 | Allegra K

Allegra K is actually an amazon brand that I found a while ago. They have some super cute blouses & are your destination for girly clothes!

They have great, high quality, pieces that all seem to be around or under $30! (that includes their shoes too!)

You can shop allegra k here. (For more amazon favorites click here or for my fave dress from this brand click here!)

#6 | Loveshackfancy

This was one of the first & best girly clothing stores that comes to mind immediately upon thinking about where to get feminine pieces!

They have the prettiest dresses, skirts, sweaters, etc. The prices are pretty expensive, so for some similar (cheaper) options check out this post!

You can shop loveshackfancy here (this is one of the absolute best girly clothing stores if you love all things romantic style)

#7 | Objectrare

This is hands down one of the best girly clothing stores for any fellow pastel lovers! Anddddd the pieces look crazy expensive but are mostly around $30!

They also have some crazy cute embroidered pieces. I just stumbled upon this one myself & you can bet I will be testing it out soon for you!

You can shop objectrare here (they have a great mix of basics and more feminine, ruffle designs so there is something for all extravagance levels)

#8 | Sole Society

This is the perfect brand for ALL the cute bags & shoes! they definitely are more of a summer/spring style brand but of course the bags would work anytime of year.

This brand has tons of neutral color items (if you count blush pink as a neutral😉). Lots of whites, pinks, and tans.

You can shop sole society here (also if you want to see a bag I found that looks just like sole society but way cheaper click here!)

#9 | Reddress

Okay, you have probably heard of this one but I still though I’d mention it in case you haven’t.

They have new arrivals everyday and, as the name suggests, they have lots of dresses. (but they also have all other types of clothes, shoes, accessories, & all that)

You can shop reddress here (and no, they’re not all just red dresses) The prices are mostly around $50 so definitely a great affordable option.

#10 | Brook & York

Brook & York is the ultimate destination for all things jewelry. They have engraved options (which always make great gifts) as well as basic pieces.

They have some awesome pieces for layering as well so you could really pair any of the jewelry on their site together.

You can shop Brook & York here (also I just want to shout out the fact that their website is gorgeous & SO easy to navigate)

#11 | Mytheresa

Okay so if you are looking for more designer brands, this is one of the best girly clothing stores for that!

Since it is designer, the prices are definitely higher than the rest of these feminine brands… but they are still pretty good considering that the items are designer.

You can shop mytheresa here and on the site you can shop by designer, sale, item, all that good stuff!

#12 | ChicWish

Chicwish is another one of the best girly clothing stores. This is a great, not to pricey, option with lots of florals & pretty pieces.

The prices seem to be mostly under $100 & they also offer frequent sales as well as an excellent selection of clearance items!

You can shop chicwish here (they offer some great mixes of feminine clothes & trendy styles on their site too!)

#13 | Ann Taylor

This is such a great, feminine, clothing store that is a more modest option if you are more of a modest dresser.

They have lots of workwear options but also pieces that can be worn more casually.

You can shop ann taylor here (I have a few things from here & the quality is SO great for the price + they always seem to be having sales)

#14 | Milly

Milly is a great feminine clothing brand I don’t think to many people have heard of before!

If you have ever watched gossip girl and like the style of their clothes, this store has lots of blair waldorf & serena styles!

You can shop milly here (it is a designer site so the prices are pretty high but the sale section is pretty good, in terms of designer items, if you sort low to high)

#15 | ShopBop

Okay, so shopbop is pretty well known but it is definitely one worth mentioning.

Shopbop carries lots of brands at lots of different price points so there is something for everyone.

You can shop ShopBop here (they have tons of different style options with basics as well as more feminine style options)

#16 | WAYF

This is another feminine brand that lots of people don’t seem to know about!

WAYF has lots of basics as well as pretty floral prints. The prices seem to be between $60 & $100.

You can shop WAYF here (they are a nordstrom carried brand with such cute, girly styles)

#17 | Saks Fifth Avenue

Okay, so this is one of the absolute best girly clothing stores if you are looking for designer options.

Saks Fifth Avenue has lots of pretty handbags, dresses, and basic options for designer pieces.

You can shop saks fifth avenue here (they do have a great sale section that is really easy to navigate by price if you want under $50, under $100, etc.)

#18 | Magnolia Boutique

Magnolia boutique has some super cute options for great prices & is a boutique that I shared in the best affordable online boutiques post!

They have great basics as well as more fun pieces so that there is something for every style.

You can shop magnolia boutique here (the prices are mostly under $50 which is AMAZING for how cute the pieces are)

#19 | Chinese Laundry

Chinese Laundry is one of the best girly clothing stores for all things shoes!

They have all the cute shoe styles at awesome prices (most seem to be under $70 & that’s not even on sale)

You can shop chinese laundry here (they seem to have some great classic options as well as more trendy styles too)

#20 | ASTR The Label

ASTR the label has some awesome dresses, jumpsuits, and some crazy cute bodysuits.

They seem to have prices that are mostly around $70 & have a very easy to navigate site.

You can shop ASTR the label here (You can also shop by seasonal collections on their site!)

#21 | B.P.

Alright, here is the last of the best girly clothing stores for today, B.P.

They have great basic options that are high quality but still super affordable options.

You can shop B.P. here (most of the pieces are between $20 & $30 with some that are even on sale for under $10!)

I hope this was helpful! Make sure to check out the best cheap online boutiques blog post which has tons more of the best girly clothing stores in it.

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