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10 Best Stores Like Vici For Whimsical Clothing!

10 Best Stores Like Vici For Whimsical Clothing!

If you love Vici clothing and are looking for some brands similar to Vici, you’ll love these stores that offer the same whimsical vibes.

I made sure to link some of the best items from each store so if you’re in a rush feel free to quickly skim through and just tap the image if you want to shop the item!

Anyways, let’s just get right on into the best stores like Vici for boho clothing!

*As always with these types of posts this is not meant to put down the brand, I love Vici and have nothing against them, however I know that some people may be looking for alternatives which is why I am sharing this post!

What is Vici?

In case you haven’t heard of Vici, they are a popular clothing brand that sells everything from boho style dresses to vacation outfits to everyday casual looks.

Above are some items from Vici so you get a look at what their vibe is and can compare them to the other stores on this list!

1. Francesca’s

First on the list of stores similar to Vici is Francesca’s! Francesca’s has tons of flowy dresses, fun accessories, and plenty of looks that are similar to Vici!

With a mix of trendy and more classic pieces, Francesca’s is a great one stop shop when it comes to clothing.

Another great thing about Francesca’s is that they offer high quality pieces at affordable prices so you can look stylish without breaking the bank.

2. Altar’d State

Another store that sells clothing similar to Vici is the popular store, Altar’d State!

Altar’d State is a go to for all the boho-chic girls who love to fill their closest with dreamy dresses, unique accessories, and flowy tops.

Whether you’re looking for everyday casual vibes or the perfect vacation dress, Altar’d state has got you covered.

3. Lulus

Next on the list of the best stores like Vici is Lulus! Lulus is always one of the best places to shop for high quality, stylish clothing!

You can get everything from flowy maxi dresses to cute crop tops or even prom dresses at Lulu’s! They offer tons of different styles, including lots of looks that are very similar to Vici.

In my experience, Lulu’s tends to run true to size and everything I’ve got from there has been amazing quality!

Also… check out my best stores like Lulus post if you want some similar brands to Lulu’s!

4. Beginning Boutique

The next place to get clothes like Vici is Beginning Boutique! Beginning Boutique is a great place to get super cute, on-trend clothing.

They have so many different styles including some gorgeous dresses, vacation wear, and even just everyday looks.

Just like Vici, Beginning Boutique has lots of colorful, unique pieces that make a statement!

5. Show Me Your Mumu

If you’re looking for websites similar to Vici Collection, you’ll definitely love the popular clothing brand, Show Me Your Mumu!

Show Me Your Mumu is like a burst of sunshine in your wardrobe, with their vibrant prints and easy-breezy silhouettes that radiate fun and whimsy.

Whether you’re lounging by the beach or hitting up a summer music festival, Show Me Your Mumu’s got the perfect outfit to match your carefree spirit.

6. ShowPo

Next on the list of stores like Vici, we have the popular clothing store Showpo.

Showpo is one of the best places to get head turning pieces with everything from fancier dresses to everyday casual outfits.

And, just like Vici, Showpo has plenty of cute vacation styles so you can look cute for any upcoming vacations or just for lounging by the pool.

7. Petal & Pup

If you love Vici, I know you’ll love the next store on the list which is Petal & Pup!

Petal & Pup offers dreamy, feminine pieces that are perfect for any occasion. They have a wide selection of romantic dresses as well as more chic, everyday styles.

Another good thing about Petal & Pup is that they make their website super easy to sort through so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

8. Free People

If you love the whimsical, boho styles from Vici, then you’ll love Free People.

Free People is a very popular clothing brand that sells bohemian style clothing.

If you love Free People but you don’t love the prices, make sure to check out my brands like Free People (but cheaper) post here.

9. Magnolia Boutique

Another place to get similar clothing to Vici is the popular clothing shop, Magnolia Boutique.

They offer plenty of options similar to Vici including boho dresses, statment pieces, and more.

Another great thing about Magnolia Boutique is that they offer free shipping on all items for anyone in the United States!

10. Sabo Skirt

The last store on the list of the best brands like Vici is Sabo Skirt.

Sabo skirt has all the best tropical vacation vibe outfits including gorgeous dresses and matching sets.

Something that I love about Sabo Skirt is that you can buy the matching sets separately so whether you wear a different size on the top and bottom or you just want to get one of the items, they’ve got you covered.

I hope this helped you find the best stores like Vici Collection! Let me know if there are any other posts you want to see and have a lovely day!

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With love, Keira

best stores like Vici
best stores like Vici Collection

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