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10 Best Brands Like Dippin Daisy’s To Get Trendy Swimwear For Less!

10 Best Brands Like Dippin Daisy’s To Get Trendy Swimwear For Less!

If you love Dippin Daisy’s but don’t love the high prices, I’ve got you covered in today’s post with the 10 best brands like Dippin Daisy’s (but cheaper)!

These budget friendly alternatives like Berlook, Garage, Princess Polly, Shein, and more are all super cute, high quality swimwear brands that are much more affordable than Dippin Daisy’s.

I made sure to link some swimsuits from each brand in case you’re in a hurry! To shop the specific items, just click on the image!

Always, let’s just get right into the best brands like Dippin Daisy’s!

What is Dippin Daisy’s?

To start off I just wanted to share what Dippin Daisy’s is incase you haven’t heard of them.

Dippin Daisy’s is a very popular swimwear brand with super cute bikinis, one pieces, swim coverups, and even regular clothing.

Below are a few of their styles so you can see what they’re all about. As you can see, they tend to be around $100 for a full set ($50 for top, $50 for bottoms).

That’s why I’m sharing the best brands like Dippin Daisy’s, so keep on reading if you want to get the same looks for less!

1. Berlook

First on the list is Berlook! This is a brand that I recently got a swimsuit from and absolutely loved!

Just like Dippin Daisy’s, Berlook has super cute styles and is a sustainable brand. However their swimsuits are only around $30 – $35 per piece! (which is much more affordable than Dippin Daisy’s)

Again, similar to Dippin Daisy’s, Berlook offers both trendier patterns as well as classic solid options so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Garage

Next on the list is a lesser talked about but still amazing brand, Garage.

Although Garage is more known for it’s trendy everyday clothes, they also have a swimwear line with some really great Dippin Daisy’s dupes.

Garage swimwear seems to have the same trendy styles as Dippin Daisy’s but for much less (around $25 – $35 per piece) hence why they made the list of brands like Dippin Daisy’s!

3. Shein

Of course Shein had to make the list since they make the most affordable swimwear, coming in at around $10 per suit.

Now obviously Shein swimsuits aren’t going to be as high of quality as Dippin Daisy’s, but for a budget friendly look for less, they’re perfect!

And just to note, the few swimsuits that I have from Shein are actually pretty great quality, especially considering the low prices.

You can see my full Shein review here!

4. Beginning Boutique

Another place to get trendy swimwear for less is Beginning Boutique.

Although Beginning Boutique is still somewhat pricey (around $40 per piece) it is still much more affordable than Dippin Daisy’s.

Beginning Boutique has some of the cutest swimwear, all of which has the same vibes as Dippin Daisy’s.

5. Cotton On

Another brand that isn’t talked about as often is Cotton On. They not only make super cute clothes but their swimwear collection is amazing as well.

Cotton On swimwear is only about $25 per piece (making it 50% less than Dippin Daisy’s), not to mention that the styles are still very trendy and cute.

Overall Cotton On is one of the best places for budget friendly swimwear and is one of the best brands like Dippin Daisy’s.

6. Princess Polly

Of course I had to include Princess Polly on this list since they always have the cutest swimwear.

Princess Polly definitely makes some great Dippin Daisy’s look alikes AND they’re affordable (around $30-$39 per piece).

If you want to see brands like Princess Polly make sure to check out this post!

7. Amazon

Next on the list is of course Amazon. Amazon is always my go to when it comes to affordable, high quality swimwear.

If you’re looking for the ultimate affordable swimwear that comes in tons of colors and styles, Amazon is the place to go!

I have more Amazon Dippin Daisy’s dupes linked in this post as well!

You can check out my favorite Amazon swimwear here!

8. Cupshe

Another option for affordable swimwear similar to Dippin Daisy’s is Cupshe.

If you like the more simple, solid color options Dippin Daisy’s offers but want something more affordable, Cupshe is perfect for you.

They have the same simple styles but for much less (around $30 per suit!)

9. Hollister

Next on the list of brands like Dippin Daisy’s is Hollister.

Although most people know that Hollister has great clothes, they typically skip over Hollister’s wide variety of cute swimwear.

The prices are definitely affordable (especially compared to Dippin Daisy’s), coming in at around $19-$35 per piece.

You can see more of my Hollister faves on youtube here!

10. Kulani Kinis

If you aren’t as concerned with price, Kulani Kinis is an excellent choice if you’re looking for brands like Dippin Daisy’s.

Kulani Kinis sells similar looking suits to Dippin Daisy’s so they’re definitely a great option to get the same vibes.

That’s all for today’s best brands like Dippin Daisy’s for cheaper post! I hope that you found the helpful. Let me know which of these is your fave over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog where I’ll be sharing all things fashion!

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With love, Keira

best brands like Dippin Daisy’s

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