Absolutely Must Have 2023 Trends for Lifestyle

Absolutely Must Have 2023 Trends for Lifestyle

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The list of must have 2023 trends for 2023 could fill a book. But there’s no time for that. So, here are some of the biggest ones to watch out for this year across multiple lifestyle sectors.

Jewelry: Collectible Bead Pieces

From rings to luxury watches and everything in between, jewelry always makes a great gift. And you probably received something for Christmas just gone. Over the course of a lifetime, many people curate a beautiful jewelry collection they can pass on to loved ones. And some jewelry is collectible by nature.

Pandora and bracelets are a perfect example. You can have fun collecting these with your kids, and some limited beads are highly sought after.

Fitness: Exercising for Mental Health

Everyone has been under a lot of stress over the past few years. COVID, the price of energy, and the cost of living are the first things that come to mind. So it makes sense that we are looking for ways to put self-care and mental health first.

Steamy showers and bath bombs are great ways to relax. But you might need more than just a little TLC. So, people are now using workouts as a way to meet new people and improve their mood through being social.

Below I’ve linked my favorite activewear to get you get in the workout mood! I don’t know about you but a cute workout set always motivates me!

One of the Biggest Must Have 2023 Trends in Fashion

The low-slung style is back in style for 2023 without “wasting” any time. Modern celebrities love the risque low-waist look, which is now being used on everything from casual jeans and shorts to formal evening wear. So it looks like the popular high-rise, which has been popular for a few years, may take a break this year. So, begin to make the most of your fresh style by getting a crop top to show off your midriff, as we remember how Jennifer Lopez did in the early 2000s.

Tech: All Things Virtual

When it comes to trends, tech is always at the top of the list. And the most recent technological advances are more virtual than real. This year, the Metaverse, which is the VR version of the web that lets you see it, is expected to take off. And experts in the tech industry say that starting this year, the Metaverse will contribute trillions of dollars to the world economy. VR and AR will also have a bigger impact, starting with the release of PSVR2 on February 22.

Food: Sustainable Mushrooms

As the world’s population grows, we need more and more ingredients that are good for the environment. And people are starting to realize mushrooms are one of the best. Some of the most popular ones in restaurants are shiitakes, portabellas, and oysters. Mushrooms are full of minerals and vitamins, and some, like Turkey Tail, are thought to protect against cancer. But from the point of view of sustainability, they are great ingredients because they grow so quickly.


As a dedicated follower of fashion or not, there are some must have 2023 trends to be aware of. These include bead jewelry, techs like AR and VR, and sustainable food like mushrooms.

Which 2023 lifestyle trend are you going to try first?! I honestly can’t choose, these are all great & are perfect options to ring in the new year! Let me know which of these is your fave over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog where I’ll be sharing all things fashion!

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