5 Ways To Ensure Your Fashion Choices Reflect You As An Individual!

5 Ways To Ensure Your Fashion Choices Reflect You As An Individual!

5 Ways To Ensure Your Fashion Choices Reflect You As An Individual, how to dress unique
how to dress unique for women

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Fashion shouldn’t simply be about looking good. The styles you wear should be an extension of your personality and individualism. While you can certainly take inspiration from models and celebs, simply emulating their looks isn’t always honest to you.

Here are five ways to ensure that your fashion choices are right FOR YOU.

Choose Sustainable Brands:

If you are committed to living an ethical and eco-friendly life, sticking to sustainable brands is advised. My guide to sustainable brands that still look cute should point you in the right direction. It means that fashion choices can play a significant role in this part of your life. Better still, you’ll often find that the products are more durable than a lot of cheap high-street fashion items. Furthermore, they often combined the latest trends with a level of personality.

Knowing that you’ve selected sustainable brands will provide an extra source of smiles. Below I’ve added some cute items from my favorite sustainable brands!

Find The Right Sizes:

Clothes that fit you will always look better. Unfortunately, millions of people continue to let themselves down in this area. With professional advice from The Sewing Revival, you can be sure to get this right time and time again. Not only will your clothes look better but you will also be more comfortable. In turn, you will be smiling to enhance your image.

If nothing else, your posture will be improved.

Select Meaningful Accessories:

Every woman who has a passion for fashion knows that accessories are as vital as clothing choices. Experts like Opals Australia can help you discover beautiful jewellery that also makes a statement. Whether you’re into spiritual sentimentality or the idea of wearing gemstones doesn’t matter. When your bracelets and necklaces achieve what you want them to, it can bring your whole look to life. And it will fill you with a sense of added pride.

Personalized items or fashion items with a message from loved ones can work wonders too. I’m linking some cute jewelry options below that would be perfect!

Make Statements Through Color:

When used well, color is one of the most powerful assets at your disposal. If you understand the meaning of color, you can see how it can reflect your personality traits and mood. Of course, fashion choices can also be made to reflect your natural skin tone and hair color. Whether it’s a bold statement or a more subtle touch of a certain shade is up to you. Either way, it can be the perfect way to boost the confidence you have in your look.

Find the color palette that suits you and every outfit will be a winner.

Don’t Be Afraid To Customize:

If you’re worried that your clothing is a little bland, a little customization can make it grand. You don’t have to be a pro designer to put some extra cuts in your jeans, add some buttons to a jacket, or combine two old tops into one. You could also show your personality by adding a slogan or phrase to the outfit. It can give old outfits a new lease of life or help you stand out from the crowd when others have the same clothes. Besides, it’s a lot of fun.

You can update clothes or accessories to get a look that’s unique to you. Below are some cute items from the best customizable brands out there!

Which outfit tip is your favorite? I honestly can’t choose, these are all great & are perfect options from to make sure you show off your unique style! Let me know what your favorite style tip is on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog where I share even more outfits & outfit tips!

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