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5 Chic Outfits With Sneakers | Outfits Of The Week Vol.8

So, if you follow along on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog than you already know I do I a series on the blog called “outfits of the week” where every friday I share the realistic outfits that I wore for each day.

I like to try and have a general theme each week for the outfits so this week we’re going with chic outfits with sneakers since a lot of you have requested a sneaker styling guide (and I ended up wearing sneakers everyday this week without meaning too🙈)

If you have any theme requests feel free to send them in over on instagram or through the contact form.

So let’s just get right on into these chic outfits with sneakers!

In Action Look At A Few Of The Outfits:

Monday | Jeans And Sneakers Outfit

Quick Links: sneakers (in 7.5, tts) | tee (in a small, tts) | jeans (in a 2, tts) | cardigan (in a small, runs big)

This look is what I wore for the launch of my first collection of tee shirt designs! If you want to read more about this tee + the other design I created check out this post!

But anyways, this is just a great everyday casual look & the lightweight cardigan is so perfect for spring or even colder summer nights. (now I have the summer nights song from grease stuck in my head😂)

The sneakers are some of my faves with the rose gold design and slip on style, they’re just so easy to add to any outfit to make it a bit more fun!

Tuesday | White Sneakers Outfit

Quick Links: sneakers (in a 7.5, tts) | dress (in a small, tts) | tee (in a xs, tts) | earrings | sunglasses

This is the perfect outfit for all my girly girls who want to look feminine but still keep it *sort of* casual.

The white sneakers are my new favorites from target that you can read more about in the must have shoes for spring post here.

And this dress is one of my absolute favorite amazon finds (you can shop more amazon faves here). The length is a great mini but still modest option & this color is just so pretty😍

Wednesday | Skirt And Sneakers Outfit

Quick Links: skirt (in a small, tts) | top (in a small, tts) | sunglasses | similar sneakers | similar cardigan

I loveeeee this look! It’s the perfect mix of feminine and edgy (or at least my version of edgy) with the cropped cardigan and dusty pink skirt.

This skirt is also an amazon find that is super affordable and is another great mini length that isn’t insanely short.

If it’s a bit of a warmer day you could just switch out the cardigan for a denim jacket or just get rid of the jacket all together.

Thursday | Blazer And Sneakers Outfit

chic outfits with sneakers
Quick Links: sneakers (in a 7.5, tts) | blazer (in a small, tts) | jeans (in a 3, tts) | sweater (in a small, tts)

This is the perfect look for anyone who wants to rock a blazer but in a super casual, everyday style, look!

This blazer is a target find (you can see all the top target finds here!) but it’s only $35 & is this gorgeous neutral gingham.

The sneakers are the same as monday’s look and totally make this outfit way more fun. Also is it just me or would barbie totally wear this outfit with some pink pants for a business meeting🤔😂

Friday | Leggings And Sneakers Outfit

Quick Links: sneakers (in a 7.5, tts) | leggings (in a small, tts) | similar button front | similar under tee

Alright, so today I had to take 3 tests which means I wanted to keep it casual with some comfy leggings & an oversized top.

These leggings are SO soft with the fleece lining on the inside but for some reason aren’t even in the slightest expensive.

The sneakers are the same as Tuesday’s outfit and are a great basic pair of sneakers to have year round but especially for spring & summer.

Links Requested This Week + Q/A:

This is really random but what was the name of that seasoning you shared? It sounded really good!

So glad someone asked because I LOVE this stuff! It’s the everything but the bagel seasoning at trader joe’s (other stores have the same type seasoning but the trader joe’s one is my fave because it isn’t super salty like the other ones) – I put a pic of the bottle on the left if you want to screenshot so you can look for it in trader joe’s 😉 Or you can shop it on amazon here (I feel really weird linking a bottle of seasoning😂)

You shared a cute decor tray a while back & I was wondering if you could please share the link again? Thank you!

Of course! Tray is linked here (shown on the right above, only $24) – or you can read this for more details about it over here.

I love the brand altar’d state, any chance you could share a liketoknow.it collage thing with finds from there?

Apparently a lot of you like altar’d state because I’ve had lots of requests like these so, here is a little collage for you!

Shop these & other requested links:

For More Chic Outfits With Sneakers:

For more chic outfits with sneakers feel free to click around the blog or instagram & to find something specific here on sequinsandsatin.com just click on the search icon and type in some keywords!

I hope you loved these chic outfits with sneakers! Make sure to send any requests for outfits of the week themes over to @sequinsandsatinblog on instagram or through the contact form here! (that’s how I got this weeks theme of chic outfits with sneakers!)

These chic outfits with sneakers contain affiliate links, that just means that if you purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! (you can read more about this here) I truly thank you so much if you decide to purchase through my link as it helps me to continue creating content for you!🥰

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