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Best Nike Dunk Dupes Under $100!

Best Nike Dunk Dupes Under $100!

Hey friends! If you’re a sneaker lover (or just anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock), I’m sure you’ve seen the Nike dunk sneakers all over.

So since I love to share designer dupes (especially for trending items), today I’ve found the best Nike dunk dupes just for you!

Below you’ll find the best Nike sneaker dupes (under $100)! So without further ado let’s just get into the best Nike dunk dupes

*note: these are in no way knockoffs, just lookalikes to get a similar vibe for less $$

Quick Shop The Best Nike Dunk Dupes:

If you don’t have time to read through the whole post and want to quickly shop the Nike dunk dupes, here you go! To shop, just click on the images below.

Nike Dunk Dupes From Shein:

First on the list are the most affordable and also the shoes with the most color options. We have the Nike dunk dupes from Shein.

These shoes are under $25 and have 4.9 stars (so yeah, safe to say they’re pretty good).

Sizing: Reviews say these fit true to size

Nike Dunk Dupes From Temu:

Next are these sneakers from Temu. These sneakers are a great option if you love the colorblock design of the Nike dunks but don’t want to drop so much money on a pair of sneakers

Although they don’t look the exact same, they’re still a great lookalike. Plus they’re super affordable!

Sizing: most reviews say they are true to size, although if you are in between sizes make sure to size up.

Nike Dunk Sneaker Dupes From New Balance:

Now if you’re looking for something that’s a bit higher quality and still a name brand sneaker, these New Balance sneakers are for you.

They’re a bit more pricey than the other options on this list, however they’re still WAY more affordable than the actual Nike dunk sneakers!

These are overall my top pick for the best Nike dunk panda dupes if you want something you can wear for years to come!

P.S they come in tons of color options so I just linked a few of my favorites but to see all the options click here!

Sizing: most reviews say they are true to size

Actual Nike Dunk Sneakers:

If you want to shop the actual Nike dunk sneakers before they go out of stock again, make sure to get them now!

The prices seem to vary depending on the colors but they seem to be around $150 and up so the dupes on this list are all great options if you want something more affordable.

Do you prefer the original Nike dunk sneakers or the Nike dunk dupes? Let me know which of these is your fave over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog where I’ll be sharing all things fashion!

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With love, Keira

best Nike dunk dupes
best Nike dunk dupes

These best Nike dunk dupes contain affiliate links, that just means that if you purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! (you can read more about this here) I truly thank you so much if you decide to purchase through my link as it helps me to continue creating content for you! <3

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