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this weeks best sellers

This Weeks Best Sellers Details:

Alright, so first off if you purchase through my links I just want to say a huge thank you! You are the reason that sequins & satin is able to keep creating content & you honestly have no idea how happy it makes me to see that I am able to help you find clothing that you feel confident in!

But anyways… let’s get onto the best sellers! These are mostly purchases from the FREE liketoknow.it app (if you aren’t sure what that is you can hear more about that right here)

These all range in price from the $15 walmart hoodie to the $150 lululemon cardigan. As you can see by the pieces, there are lots of athletic wear items which are perfect if you are starting the new year with a resolution to workout more!

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(most of the items come in more colors so just click on the product to see all the options!)

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