How To Avoid Buying Poor Quality Jewelry

How To Avoid Buying Poor Quality Jewelry

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When buying jewelry, it’s important to make sure it’s good quality. There are manufacturers that cut corners to save time and costs. Such jewelry can often end up falling apart very quickly or causing skin allergies.

At a glance, some of this jewelry may look high quality. But there are telltale signs that an item of jewelry is fake or poorly made. Below are five warning signs to look out for.

Check out online reviews

You can easily tell whether to avoid buying an item of jewelry from the quality of online reviews. If there are lots of negative reviews about the condition of the jewelry, it’s a clear sign that you should avoid buying from that seller.

Look out for brands with detailed positive reviews such as this Tiffany and Co review. Be cautious of buying from sellers that seem to have no online reviews. 

Feel the weight

Precious metals are much heavier than regular metals like copper. Gemstones are meanwhile much heavier than fake plastic stones. When buying jewelry at a physical store or market stall, be wary of jewelry that feels very light. There’s a good chance that if it feels fragile, it is fragile. 

Look at the enamel quality

When it comes to jewelry that uses enamel, make sure to carefully inspect the enamel surface. Does it feel bumpy or uneven? Is it scratched or discolored? This is a sign that an enamel coating has been applied cheaply, and that it is likely to wear away very quickly. Good quality enamel is smooth and blemish-free and will last a long time. 

Be wary of excessive shininess

Shinier doesn’t always mean better. In fact, contrary to what many people think, some cheap metals can be manufactured to be shinier than precious metals. The problem with this excessive sheen is that it won’t last. Metals like silver and gold will last decades longer than a metal like copper.

As for plastic gemstones, look carefully at the way they catch the light. Real gemstones catch more light inside, whereas the sheen on plastic gemstones is likely to be mostly on the outside. If there’s not much of a sparkle on the inside of the stone, it’s either plastic or a poorly cut stone. 

Consider the price 

Found a piece of jewelry at a price that seems too good to be true? It probably is. A good quality pair of silver earrings is not going to cost $15. If there is indeed any silver in these earrings, it will likely only be plating or it will be heavily mixed with another metal. It’s good to compare prices to other jewelers.

If they all seem to be charging considerably more, it’s likely there’s a valid reason for this. Remember that while you may pay less upfront, it is likely that such jewelry will break sooner, so you’ll be paying extra to replace it. It’s much better to invest in jewelry items that you know will last for many years. 

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how to avoid buying poor quality jewelry
how to avoid buying poor quality jewelry

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