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Best Golden Goose Dupes | Where To Find Look alikes + Outfit Ideas

Hey there! I hope you are having an amazing day & I am so glad that you decided to read my blog post all about the best golden goose dupes!

(I have a feeling you are going to love it!)

So, if you are here than I will go ahead & assume that means you are looking for the best golden goose dupes.

& are either wanting to get find some awesome dupes to style with all your cute looks or want to make sure you will actually wear them before investing in the real thing!

If you are thinking “what is this girl talking about, why would I buy a golden goose?” & have no idea what I am talking about, below are what the real golden goose sneakers look like

Not sure if you noticed but they are $500, yeah, that’s insane for shoes that are already distressed looking when you buy them!

So, if you are like me & would never spend $500 on a pair of sneakers than keep on reading to find the absolute best golden goose dupes.

(btw, some of the dupes will be non-scuffed-up-looking because that just seems better but if you like the distressed style don’t worry, i have you covered too)

(& some you can hardly tell the difference between them & the real ones whereas others just give off a similar look)

also i will try to group them by price so you can shop what is best for your budget (starting at lowest & going up from there!)

(if you are here for outfit ideas with the best golden goose dupes just skip to the end)

so, let’s get into the best golden goose dupes…

First up is… the best golden goose dupes under $30
The best golden goose dupes under $30 + outfit ideas with these affordable sneakers
  • So here are the best golden goose dupes i was able to find that are under $30!
  • It was a bit tough to find choices under $30 but i did it!
  • These would still be great choices if you are looking for a super affordable option
  • There are tons of different patterns, styles, & color options in this price range
  • Most of these options are from amazon since they always have great affordable fashion
  • As you can see there are some that are very close to the real design + others that just give off the general vibe!
  • (You can shop the shoes below!)

Next option is for the best golden goose dupes between $30 & $50
  • Okay, so here’s where we start finding a ton more options
  • Apparently there is something about these style sneakers being priced just above $30!
  • & I would also have to assume that these are slightly higher quality options that will probably last you longer
  • These options look a bit more similar to the real shoes
  • Also the shoes with gray laces looks SUPER similar & if you like the distressed look is a great choice!
  • you can shop these cuties below! (there are so many pretty glitter options in this price range 😍)

On to slightly more expensive options for the best golden goose dupes ($50 – $100)
  • Okay so even though these are a bit more pricey, they are still great prices
  • (Especially considering we are talking about dupes for $500 shoes)
  • Once again as we go up in price, these are probably higher quality than the other options
  • We are also starting to see items from well known brands such as Steve Madden!
  • The first option is a great choice if you like to distressed looking option & want a super similar dupe!

So if you are looking for the best golden goose dupes, you probably aren’t looking to spend over $100 so this is where i will switch to outfit ideas with these sneakers

but first let’s give a round of applause to the best golden goose dupes in the following categories:

Most similar to the real sneakers:

These give off the same general look as the real sneakers & definitely look the most like the original.

Most cute sneaker dupe options in my opinion:

I find these options to be the cutest with the rose gold glitter & leopard prints (these are also both super affordable)

best options (come in the most colors & are affordable)

These sneakers are all super affordable & come in a ton of color options! They are the all around best dupes!

Outfit Ideas With The Best Golden Goose Dupes:

First up is the best golden goose dupes styled with a casual dress:

  • This is a great, casual look for anyone who loves to wear dresses & sneakers!
  • The dress fits tts & you can see another way i styled it right here
  • The hair clips are perfect to throw on with any outfit to make it instantly more stylish
  • The socks are great to wear with sneakers since they don’t show & even if they do, they look cute with the lace design
  • All details are linked below if you would like to shop any pieces from this outfit:

Next is a cute way to style the best golden goose dupes is with a bit more of a fancy looking dress.

  • This look is still pretty casual because of the sneakers but definitely more dressed up than the last option!
  • I feel like this would be a great look to wear on a date or maybe to a brunch!
  • The bag is my absolute favorite! It is just $18 & comes in a bunch of colors
  • The dress is just so pretty with the satin looking fabric & mini puff sleeves
  • & of course, got to include a headband because… well, i have recently become obsessed with them!
  • You can shop all the items from this look below!

Another dress outfit styled with the best golden goose dupes… can you tell I love dresses 😂

(if you aren’t a fan of dresses, don’t worry, this is last outfit idea with a dress)

  • This is such a pretty pink shade & the perfect picnic outfit!
  • Now, I would definitely wear some espadrille sandals with this (you can find my favorites here)
  • But, for a more casual look adding the best golden goose dupes looks great!
  • This dress & top/sheer jacket thing (not really sure what that is, kimono maybe? 😂 🤔) are from nasty gal.
  • They almost always seem to have a 60% off sale happening making these each about $20.
  • These have got to be the prettiest golden goose sneaker dupes with that light rose gold!
  • You can shop this girly look below (dress also comes in black & white)

okay, moving on to some cute outfits that are more casual styled with the best golden goose dupes!

  • This look would be perfect for a day at an amusement park or even just to run some errands
  • Those shorts look so comfy & are from aerie so they’re super affordable too!
  • The scrunchies are some of my faves from amazon!
  • & the bracelet set from francesca’s is another must have
  • Also, if you are a girly girl like me who usually finds hats to just not be your style than you’re in luck!
  • I found this gorgeous rose gold hat on amazon that comes in a bunch of different colors of glitter + some cheetah print options!
  • You can shop this whole look below! (psst… everything is super affordable)

the next outfit with the best golden goose dupes is a SUPER casual one, it is a loungewear look!

  • Okay so these star sets are PERFECT to pair with the best golden goose dupes!
  • Why? Because both the loungewear & the sneakers have star details!
  • Both these sets are from amazon & look super comfortable
  • You could probably also wear the tops as casual, everyday tops to get the most bang for your buck
  • This look is shown with the lulus distressed dupes (aka the best golden goose dupes that are the most similar to the real ones)
  • But you could pair these sets with just about any (non patterned) sneakers
  • You can shop these sets below (also the shorts & tee set comes in a ton of color/print options)

now an outfit styled with the best golden goose dupes & some cute mom jeans!

  • This is a great, more basic, outfit that still looks super cute
  • The shoes really tie this whole look together by having both the pink & white tones!
  • The mom jeans look amazing & are a mom jean style, they come in a “curve love” & regular fit as well
  • This top is from nasty gal & comes in a TON of different colors
  • It is a great way to wear the trend of puff sleeves without going overboard
  • (Also, I just realized that it is actually a dress but it looks super short to the point that you could tuck it in to these jeans!)
  • You can shop the whole look below!
  • (First jeans are the curve love style & the other are the regular fit)

So, hopefully you were able to find the best golden goose dupes for you!

Also, which look styled with these sneaker look alikes is your fave, let me know over on instagram!

And feel free to email me here to let me know what dupes or other style posts you want to see next!

i hope you have an amazing day & found some great dupes!

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💕 have a wonderful day & i hope to see you again soon! 💕


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