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Best Designer Inspired Bags Under $70

As we all know designer pieces can be EXPENSIVE! And sometimes we really like the look but really don’t like the price.

Which is why I figured that it was time to bring you a best designer inspired bags under $70 guide with look alikes for all the faves.

And at the end I do a little Q/A on where to get designer inspired pieces, where to find designer pieces for a discounted price, and more.

We’ve got everything from gucci to chanel and everything in between to cover today, so let’s just get right on into it.

1. Gucci Inspired Bag

gucci inspired bag | real gucci bag | shop on here

This is such a great gucci bag look alike with the gold circle detailing and the black quilting, not to mention it’s under $20!?

I linked this gucci marmont inspired bag above as well as some other options with the same style.

2. Chanel Inspired Bag

chanel inspired bag | real chanel bag | shop on here

Who doesn’t love a good chanel handbag, they look (and are) so expensive & go with any outfit!

But so does the chanel inspired bag on the right! That one is just $24 on amazon & comes in more color options.

3. Louis Vuitton Inspired Bag

louis vuitton inspired bag | real louis vuitton bag | shop on here

The louis vuitton neverfull bag has such a cute design & is the perfect everyday bag for anyone who carries around lots of things on a daily basis.

But so is the walmart version! And the walmart one comes in more color options plus is just $49.

4. Chloe Inspired Bag

chloe inspired purse | real chloe purse | shop on here

This chloe inspired bag is such a perfect find that looks so cute & is just $36 on amazon!

It comes in 2 other color options that are both great neutrals, a black and a brown option.

5. Hermes Inspired Purse

hermes inspired purse here | real hermes bag here | shop on here

This hermes inspired bag is such a great option, especially compared the $24,500 price of the real hermes🤯

Since the hermes inspired bag is an amazon find, it comes in lots of other color options if you want to switch it up!

6. Prada Inspired Bag

prada inspired bag | real prada bag here | shop on here

This prada bag is so cute & on trend with the baguette bag look but the price isn’t quite so stylish.

Although honestly after seeing the $24,500 hermes, $1,025 for prada seems cheap😂

But anyways this prada re-edition inspired bag is a great option at a way more affordable price.

7. Versace Inspired Bag

versace inspired bag here | real versace bag here | shop on here

It was a bit tough to find a versace inspired bag but I think this amazon purse definitely gives off the same vibe.

This is the most expensive of the designer inspired bags but it is still just $70 (which is amazing compared to $895)

8. YSL Inspired Bag

best designer inspired bags
ysl inspired bag | real ysl bag | shop on here

I really like the look of these ysl envelope bags so to find a good ysl inspired bag was a really fun task!

I found lots of options but this amazon bag gives off a very similar look with the quilted design, falp fold, & gold closure design.

Best Designer Inspired Bags Q/A:

Here on sequins & satin I like to add a little question & answer section to every post where I answer your questions asked over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog.

So for this one we’ve got all things designer inspired questions so just keep on reading if you’ve got any questions you want answered.

Where Are The Best Places To Get Designer Inspired Bags?

It can be tough to figure out where the best places to get designer inspired bags are so I’ve rounded up a little list of the top places to shop designer inspired handbags!

  1. amazon – lots of great options that come in tons of colors & are super budget friendly.
  2. etsy – etsy has even more cute finds & great, more personalized options.
  3. romwe – romwe is a great place to get designer inspired bags for way cheap.
  4. walmart – walmart has lots of high quality but still super affordable options.
  5. target – not exactly designer inspired but they do look way more expensive than they cost

Where Are The Best Places To Buy Second Hand Designer Handbags?

If you do want to get the real deal but don’t want to spend a whole month’s rent on it than below I’ve got you covered with a list of the top 5 places to get designer for less!

  1. fashionphile – this is a great place to get designer that looks brand new but for way cheaper!
  2. ebay – ebay, another excellent option where you can typically find super affordable designer compared to the other options.
  3. vestiaire collective – similar to fashionphile, awesome place to get gently used designer.
  4. rebag – rebag is also similar to fashionphile but they seem to have lots of sales if you’re a deal hunter too!
  5. 1st dibs – another option for all things designer but this one not only has bags but everything from home decor to furniture

Thank you for reading & if you ever have any topics you want to see covered on the blog or in the Q/A sections make sure to shoot me an email here or better yet a dm on instagram.

I hope you liked this best designer inspired bags post & feel free to tag me on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog if you get any of the best designer inspired bags mentioned (or anything else I’ve recommended), I love seeing how you guys style the pieces I suggest!

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