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9 Best Chanel Flap Bag Dupes You Need To Try!

9 Best Chanel Flap Bag Dupes You Need To Try!

Hey friends! Today I’ve rounded up a list of the 10 best Chanel flap bag dupes!

If you’re obsessed with the Chanel flap bag (like I am) but don’t want to drop over $10k on a bag (yeah… you heard me right, $10,000), than I’ve got you covered!

Below you’ll find the best Chanel flap bag dupes so that you can get the same designer look for way less cash! So without further ado let’s just get into the best Chanel bag dupes!

*note: these are in no way knockoffs, just lookalikes to get a similar vibe for less $$

Chanel Flap Bag Dupe Amazon:

For our first Chanel flap bag dupe, this amazon bag is perfect. It has 4.4+ stars and it comes in SO many different color options (I linked a few below but there are more here!)

Another Amazon Chanel Flap Bag Dupe:

If you want another Amazon option for the Chanel flap bag dupe, I’ve got you girl! This bag is excellent if you want something that’s a bit higher quality but still under $50!

One More Amazon Chanel Dupe:

Okay, this is the final Chanel dupe from Amazon so if you want something that isn’t from Amazon, don’t worry, just keep reading below!

But if you do love a good Amazon bag, this one is a stunning option. It comes in 2 colors and this one has a leather strap with chain detailing, unlike the other Amazon options that have a fully chain strap!

Etsy Chanel Flap Bag Dupes:

Next up I had to include an option from Etsy since you all seem to love shopping there! This bag is a great choice if you want something that looks just like the Chanel flap bag but for under $60!

Shein Chanel Bag Dupe:

If you want an ultra affordable option, this Shein bag is for you. It’s under $10 and comes in a bunch of vibrant colors. It also has amazing reviews with close to 5 stars!

Another Shein Chanel Dupe:

I figured I would share one more option from Shein since they’re just so affordable and have such great dupes! This bag is another excellent choice that is under $15 and again has almost 5 stars!

Tory Burch Chanel Flap Bag Dupe:

Although this bag is a bit more expensive, it’s still a much more affordable option than the actual Chanel bag! This one is great if you want something that’s still designer and high end quality but for a bit less $.

Another Tory Burch Chanel Bag Dupe:

Here’s another flap bag option from Tory Burch! This bag, again, is a bit on the expensive side but honestly compared to $10k it seems like practically nothing!

YSL Chanel Flap Bag Dupe:

Finally on the list we have the most expensive of the dupe options. If you want something that’s still a popular designer brand but is cheaper than Chanel, this YSL bag is the perfect option for you! It’s under $2k and comes in some really pretty colors!

Shop The Real Deal:

I wanted to link the real Chanel flap bag down below so that you can see how similar it is to the dupes I shared in this post!

Which bags do you think are the best Chanel flap bag dupes? I honestly can’t choose, these are all great & are perfect affordable options for Chanel flap bag dupes! Let me know which of these is your fave over on instagram @sequinsandsatinblog where I’ll be sharing all things fashion!

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With love, Keira

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best chanel flap bag dupes

These best Chanel bag dupes contain affiliate links, that just means that if you purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! (you can read more about this here) I truly thank you so much if you decide to purchase through my link as it helps me to continue creating content for you! <3

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