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top 5 spring trends for 2020 that you absolutely need to try out!

knotted headbands - top five spring trends for 2020

i have done my research & came up with the top spring trends for 2020!

these are all wearable trends that are affordable and can be styled many different ways!

the top trend this spring is … puff sleeves!

puff sleeves are definitely my favorite trend for this season.

they are so feminine yet still very practical.

(this trend also includes other exaggerated details and sleeves!)

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the next spring trend is midi skirts!

the most popular version of this trend includes not only slits, but also small patterns.

for this trend we are seeing lots of leopard mixed in too.

some other popular patterns include small florals and polka dots.

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the third biggest of the spring trends for 2020 is matching sets!

this trend is perfect because you are getting a full outfit that is already styled. no effort required!

the most popular version of this is a set with a high rise skirt and cropped top.

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switching over to accessories, another one of the biggest spring trends for 2020 is chain … everything

this trend is being seen all over. from shoes to jewelry to bags everyone is loving chains as one of the top spring trends for 2020.

one of the top uses of this style is in bracelets, specifically in yellow gold.

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the final trend on the list is … headbands!

(one of the most practical and affordable spring trends for 2020)

i think that headbands are great to easily add something to your outfit.

plus they are a super quick way to do your hair.

the top version of this trend is knotted headbands!

(i recommend amazon for this trend. they have tons of affordable headbands)

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of course, always wear whatever makes you feel happiest. whether that be these trends, or something totally different!

i would love to hear your thoughts on these trends! let me know through my contact form or social media!

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