how to ALWAYS look put together:

hey girl! are you looking for some tips on how to always look put together?

well, you’re in luck because in this post i am sharing with you my top 10 tips for how to always look put together (even when you’re in a rush)

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How to always look put together, 15 outfit tips to always look stylish

#1 | find easy to throw on dresses

whenever i am in a rush & i have no idea what to wear, i will typically reach for a dress!

if you have some good items that you can just throw on with a pair of sneakers or sandals, you are all set for those crazy mornings!

you can check out this post for some of the best throw on dresses or shop my faves below:

how to always look put together tip #1 | gingham dress
how to always look put together tip #1 | cheetah dress
how to always look put together tip #1 | peplum dress

gingham dress outfit | cheetah dress outfit | peplum dress outfit

#2 | always keep an album of outfits on your phone

this tip has come in handy so many times! if you don’t want to spend the time picking an outfit out in the morning just have some options ready that you can grab & throw on!

make sure to have different styles & outfit options for different types of weather so that way you can find one depending on the day!

you could even do this by weather, occasion, or style, & have different albums for different options!

i would say this is probably my biggest tip on how to always look put together!

how to always look put together tip #1, always keep an album out outfit ready to go on your phone!
how to always look put together tip #2
  • as you can see, i just created an album, named it outfits, & just took some pictures of looks i might want to wear
  • you can also see that i put a heart on my favorites
  • maybe you could put a heart on what you are planning to wear that week or something like that to stay more organized!
how to come up with the outfits:
  • if you do this, just make sure that you actually have the items or can recreate it with something similar or the morning will be a scramble.

#3 | do a front tuck with your tops

so if you are looking for how to always look put together, this is one of the easiest & most effective tips i can give you!

whenever you tuck a top in, the outfit just immediately looks more stylish & you give some definition to your waist!

this only takes a few seconds & is something you can even do as you’re walking out the door!

how to always look put together tip #3 | white sweatshirt
how to always look put together tip #3 | puff sleeve top
how to always look put together tip #3 | soft tee

you can shop all of these looks in my ultimate guide to amazon tops where i share the 25 best amazon tops (psst. these 3 are all under $20 as are almost all of the others 😱)

#4 | purchase some over the knee boots

i’m not sure why but something about over the knee boots just makes an outfit look insanely stylish!

so, next time you go to throw on sneakers with your jeans & a sweater try switching them out for some thigh high boots! 🙌

here are my favorite ones from amazon (they come in a bunch of colors & are only $36 which, for over the knee boots, is an amazing price!)

how to always look put together tip #4
  • here is a great example of the tip above, by adding over the knee boots, this outfit looks instantly more put together!
  • by the way, if you choose a neutral color, you could really add these to any outfit!
fit & style details:
  • (mine are in the shade “khaki & are the perfect taupe shade)
  • the fit is also true to size & you can adjust how slouchy or tight fitting they look with a little string in the back!
  • these also help to make you look taller if you’re a petite girl (i am just below 5″5, wish me luck on growing the extra few centimeters!😂) with the mini heel & just the thigh high style!

like this outfit? you can get the look below!

#5 | roll up/cuff your sleeves

i’m not sure what it is about rolled up sleeves but they always seem to make an outfit look way more stylish!

this could be something as simple as throwing on a denim jacket over a dress with some sneakers & cuffing the sleeves to elevate the outfit

this tip also works great on tops with cinched sleeve designs (such as the one shown in the 2nd photo below)

pink chenille sweatshirt with a gray plaid skirt for winter, black leggings, pink lace up boots, gold and pink bracelets, gold rings, and gray headband
how to always look put together tip #5
pink satin knot headband with pink and cream boho peplum puff sleeve top styled with white jeans, straw steve madden dupe espadrille sandals, gold stud earrings, and an lv case
how to always look put together tip #5
fourth of july outfit ideas, red floral wrap ruffle skirt with white straw espadrille sandals, a white cami ribbed bodysuit, a light wash distressed denim jacket, and pearl hair clip
how to always look put together tip #5

plaid skirt outfit here | wrap skirt with denim jacket here

#6 | wear no show socks

lets face it, no show socks can be uncomfortable & for whatever reason, very pricey if you get the wrong ones.

but, fear no more, i am here to help, i have two sets of no show socks that are the absolute best!

one option is perfect for anyone with a shoe size under 8 & the other is great for any size but are definitely larger than the other choice!

#1 | lace socks

  • these pretty lace no show socks actually look cute if they are accidentally peeking through!
  • (definitely do not get these though if your feet are bigger than an 8)

#2 | cotton socks

  • these socks are perfect to wear with all your sneakers & are super comfortable!
  • these are also very stretchy & would fit a ton of different shoe sizes!

can you spot the difference between photo 1 & 2?

how to always look put together tip #6
photo #1
how to always look put together tip #6
photo #2

if you saw that i was wearing no show socks in photo #1 & regular socks in photo #2, then bravo!

and (at least in my opinion) the outfit looks much better in photo #1

this tip on how to always look put together is very subtle, but can definitely help!

*EXTRA TIP: this entire outfit is actually a great sample look that you can use, just grab a dress, cardigan & some sneakers (with no show socks of course!), throw them on & voila… you have mastered the art of how to always look put together!

like this outfit? you can get the look below!

#7 | accessorize accessorize accessorize

adding accessories is such a simple way to elevate any look!

there are so many options with everything from bags to headbands that you can add to fit your personal style & outfit!

you can shop a few of my favorite accessories below:

how to always look put together tip #7
how to always look put together tip #7
how to always look put together tip #7

blouse w/ bag outfit here | peplum top look here | dressed up jeans outfit here

#8 | keep your sneakers looking clean

are you a huge sneaker fan like me? well, if so, you probably wear them a lot which is the perfect recipe for dirty shoes!

here is how i keep my sneakers clean, i have a pair of shoes specifically for hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities that i’m fine with getting dirty.

(they are these nike shoes that are super comfy & great for travel!)

then i have my other shoes that i wear on an everyday type of basis (it also helps that i have an insane amount of shoes 😂 😬)

if they do happen to get dirty, all i do is wash them with some water & use a mr.clean “magic eraser” to gently scrub them, then just let them dry

how to always look put together tip #8

with this outfit, the white shoes only match the white top because they’re nice & clean!

  • imagine how much worse this outfit would look if i was wearing dirty sneakers!
  • another important part of this is, if you are trying to match the color of your sneakers to your outfit, it just won’t work if they’re dirty!
  • i will say that some shoes are easier to keep clean & wash dirt off of than others
some shoes that are easy to clean:
shoes that are a bit more tough to clean:
  • converse (still love these babies though!)
  • vans (although, the rose gold ones don’t show dirt!)
  • really any shoes made of a canvas material

favorite sneakers (lol, i am a bit of a crazy shoe person)

#9 | when in doubt, wear monochrome

if you aren’t sure what to wear, just wear a monochrome outfit!

this way, your outfit is sure to match &, in turn, look stylish (this works especially well if you use black but looks great with any color!)

this also makes getting dressed insanely quick since you can just grab some same color items & throw them on then voila, you’re ready to go!

*EXTRA TIP: you don’t have to do completely monochrome if that is too matchy matchy for you, you could just style items in the same color palette like i did below with the pink tones!*

pink floral skirt outfit ideas, pink and white ditsy floral skirt styled with a blush lace tank top, a white cropped denim jacket, white straw espadrilles, a pearl bracelet, and a pink bow straw hat
how to always look put together tip #9
pink pleather jacket with pink shorts, pink bow, ted baker sandal dupes, a white floral tee shirt with pink cat eye sunglasses, and a pearl headband
how to always look put together tip #9
how to always look put together tip #9

floral skirt outfit here (+ other outfit ideas w/ this skirt!) | shorts & jacket look here (also w/ more outfit ideas w/ the top

last outfit: top (wearing xs, fit is tts) | skirt (wearing small, size down if you are shorter) | sneakers (faves, fit is tts) | headband (comes w/ 3) | phone case ($13 designer dupe!)

#10 | get a fresh haircut

healthy hair sure does go a long way! I don’t know about you, but after getting a haircut, i just feel so much more stylish!

how to always look put together tip #10

a haircut not only makes your outfits look way more stylish & put together but can also (literally) be a weight taken off your shoulders!

how to always look put together tip #10

do you see how fresh it looks! it just makes you look more put together & is such an easy option that can make every single outfit look better!

pink polka dot dress here (fit is tts, wearing a small, only $25!)

#11 | wear luxury looking items

now, don’t be scared by the word luxury thinking you have to go out & buy a $400 belt!

i have found some amazing designer dupes that look very expensive & can be added to any outfit to instantly elevate the look!

since these items look luxurious, they make any outfit you add them too also look luxurious!

*EXTRA TIP: The easiest way to use this trick on how to always look put together is to simply add a designer accessory dupe whether that be an LV phone case dupe or a gucci bag dupe!*

how to always look put together tip #11
how to always look put together tip #11
how to always look put together tip #11

gucci belt dupe here (only $19!) | chanel dupes here | gucci bag dupe here

more designer dupes below (i seriously found the designer dupe jackpot, oh my gosh, check back soon for a huge designer dupe haul!)

#12 | master a quick makeup routine

if you want to look more put together in a quick amount of time, you don’t need a crazy full face of makeup!

just make a quick routine that you can do whether that is everyday or just when you’re in a rush

here are the products i use for a natural makeup look (check out this post for an in depth review)

how to always look put together tip #12

  • here is my natural makeup look!
  • all i did was put on a bit of concealer, add some light mascara, & a tiny bit of eyeshadow!
  • it is that “no makeup” makeup look that can be done in under 5 minutes!
  • of course if you love going full glam on the makeup, keep doing you!
  • also, being a huge glitter eyeshadow lover, i have realized that it really only takes a minute to add some eyeshadow to a makeup look & it can help bring an outfit together!

like this outfit? you can get the look below!

#13 | use press on nails

this is such a great way to take a look from good to amazing!

you can read my full press on nails review here as well as get some cute options for press on nails!

if you aren’t a fan of press on nails (no judgement here, i get it, i used to not like them either) then no worries, just use some gel nail polish (fave shade here!😍)

pink and girly, "curious mind" impress press on nails review
pink and girly, "curious mind" impress press on nails review

you can get this nail shade & the accessories here

see, doesn’t this just look so much better than if my nails were naked?! 🤭

#14 | wear sunglasses (or real glasses)

i don’t know about you but i find glasses to look so cute! i feel like you look more put together with glasses or sunglasses on too!

this not only elevates your style but also protects your eyes from the blinding sun!

& if you want to wear glasses but have no actual need for them you could always get blue light glasses or just glasses without real lenses!

how to always look put together tip #14
  • ACTION SHOT of me putting on sunglasses to help answer the question of how to always look put together! Lol, but seriously, it just looks more stylish!
  • also this sweater is from aerie & is so comfy + the bag is my ultimate favorite that anyone who regularly reads this blog knows all about 😂
  • but, this tip on how to always look put together is so easy and can work with sunglasses, regular glasses, or even fake glasses!

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