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HUGE amazon fashion haul (25 tops!) | the ultimate guide to tops on amazon

amazon fashion haul, the best 25 tops from amazon under $30!

today’s post is an amazon fashion haul featuring the best tops! today I will be reviewing some affordable amazon fashion tops & giving my honest thoughts on them!

here are the jeans (size up) & sandals (tts) i am wearing with all these tops

& here are the accessories (more in depth review of the hair accessories here!)

amazon fashion haul | sparkle sleeve top

amazon fashion haul 2020 gold sequin sleeve top
  • & fits true to size, i am wearing a small, and does have a very casual, comfy, fit to it
  • it is SUPER comfortable and the sequins aren’t itchy like many other sequin tops
  • there is v-neck design so a cute necklace would definitely top this look off!
  • you could also easily dress this top up with a skirt & heels or dress it down with jeans and some sneakers!
  • the sleeves are stunning & sparkle in the light, just be careful not to blind anyone with them😉

amazon fashion haul | lace sleeve top

  • i am wearing the size small & i will say that is a very casual fit so maybe size down but it seems like you could also wear it off the shoulder if you just get your regular size, so it is just whichever you prefer!
  • this top also comes in 9 different color options, 2 of which are striped, & 2 of which have a pocket detailing!
  • just a quick note, i am wearing the color “B-pink” & it is definitely a lot more pink than shown on the model which, in my opinion, is a prettier color!
  • the material is SUPER soft and comfortable and would be a great casual day-to-day top!

amazon fashion haul | floral hoodie

  • it comes in a really pretty white & peach color that is definitely on my wishlist🥰
  • the fit is tts, i did size up to a medium just for a more oversized fit but that is just up to your preferences.
  • the material is so comfortable and feels like you are wearing pajamas!
  • you could also wear this as loungewear or throw it on with some jeans and sneakers for a casual & comfy outfit.
  • the floral print is also so pretty and would look great with white jeans to bring out the print!

amazon fashion haul | tie dye tee shirt

  • i am wearing the size small & the fit is tts (it is a cropped style so size up if you want it to be more of a regular length)
  • personally i am super picky about tie dye but i feel like this is a great subtle option that is not too in your face.
  • you could easily wear this with a skirt, jeans, shorts, or any patterned bottoms for a nice casual look!
  • it also comes in over 30 color/style options & (depending on what you choose) is only between $13 & $16!

amazon fashion haul | leopard henley top

  • the fit is true to size (i am wearing a small) & has a comfortable fit
  • it is super comfortable so you could just wear it around the house but, since it’s also really cute, you could also wear it out with some jeans or a skirt!
  • the button detailing is so cute but just a note, the top button on mine refused to stay closed, so maybe size up if you typically have that same problem
  • this top also comes in a ton of color options & is under $15 for a set of 2!

amazon fashion haul | glitter knit top

  • it is only $13 & comes in 7 color options
  • i am wearing the “rose pink” color
  • the fit is somewhat true to size, i am wearing a small and it is a little baggy compared to the product photo
  • since it is sheer i would recommend wearing this under an overall style dress or with another top underneath (here is the bodysuit that i am wearing, it fits tts & is so comfortable)
  • this top would be perfect for a party with a cute (faux) leather skirt (or overall dress, yes i have an outfit i am envisioning which is why i have mentioned the overall dress so much😂) & some booties!

amazon fashion haul | striped colorblock tee

  • this top fits true to size, i am wearing a small and it has a nice, casual fit
  • it is super comfortable and could easily be thrown on with jeans (like i did here) while still looking very stylish
  • you could also dress it up by throwing on some faux leather pants & heels + a cute bag
  • the beige color is so pretty and i also comes in a pink, blue, and black option
  • this top gives a very nice, minimalistic look!

amazon fashion haul | the COMFIEST hoodie

  • it comes in over 20 colors & is only $20 which, i think, is crazy good for a high quality hoodie
  • the fit is true to size (it is an oversized style so size down if you want a regular fit), i am wearing a small
  • you could wear this around the house with some sweatpants for a comfy look or you could also wear it with patterned bottoms or sneakers since it is a basic, solid color
  • it would make a great gift as well since just about everyone loves wearing a hoodie whether that be for lounging or for going out on the town!

amazon fashion haul | the COMFIEST hoodie

  • this one is more muted so if you aren’t into hot pink this will better for you (they do also have a TON of neutrals as well)
  • i am wearing the size small in this one too & you can see about how long it is in this picture
  • i wear this hoodie around the house all the time & it is is still in amazing condition
  • the comfiness also hasn’t gone away with washing it which, i feel like happens with most comfy materials!
  • my mom also has the light blue & dark blue, both of which are super cute as well for all you blue lovers out there!

amazon fashion haul | puff sleeve top

  • it also comes in a lot of color choices and ranges in price from $7-$20 depending on what options you choose!
  • the fit is true to size, i am wearing the extra small
  • this top would look great styled in tons of ways, you could very easily dress it up or keep it casual
  • i absolutely love the ruffled neck & sleeves which add some extra girlyness 💕
  • (it is pretty good quality but not 100% the best, just wanted to make that clear)

amazon fashion haul | casual tee

  • it comes in 9 color options & is only $17!
  • the fit is tts, i am wearing the size medium just for a more casual look (once again, it’s just up to your preference)
  • it is such a cute tee for a day to day casual look or for loungewear since it is so soft!
  • the sleeve detailing is also a great add on that makes it different than your regular tee shirt.
  • also whatever material this top is made out of is what i want all my tee shirts too be made out of because it is SO SOFT! 😍

amazon fashion haul | fitted puff sleeve top

  • it also comes in a crazy amount of color options & is between $15 & $20 depending on what you choose
  • the fit is true to size, i am wearing an extra small & the material is very stretchy as well
  • this top is so feminine & reminds me of a princess top! such a great amazon fashion haul find!
  • it is a perfect way to subtly wear the spring & summer trend of puff sleeves since it is not anything crazy

amazon fashion haul | vogue top

  • this top does run a bit small, i am wearing the size small & it seems a bit tight for a tee shirt
  • this top ranges in price from $6 to $16 depending on which of the many options you choose
  • it also looks very expensive with the vogue lettering even though it is under $20!
  • you could definitely dress this up or down very easily since it is a luxurious looking top, but is also a tee shirt

amazon fashion haul | distressed sweater

  • the fit is true to size, i am wearing a size small
  • you could also wear this sweater off the shoulder or just leave it on the shoulders
  • this would be so easy to wear with jeans & some boots or over a cute dress with some sneakers
  • the v-neck design is also super cute!
  • this sweater is an amazing option if you are a sweater lover but are looking for something a little bit less basic

amazon fashion haul | white hanes sweatshirt

  • it is also only between $8 & $20 depending on which options you choose
  • the fit is true to size, i am wearing the size small
  • they also just added a light pink option too!
  • you could style this with really any bottoms since it is just a basic sweatshirt
  • one way that you could make this more interesting is by adding a cute patch to it!
  • here are some patches that i will be ordering to put on this sweatshirt & probably a ton of other things 😂

amazon fashion haul | dark gray hanes sweatshirt

  • i did get a medium in this one to compare fits & it isn’t too different, this one is just slightly more boxy.
  • the material is kind of in the middle of sweatshirt thicknesses, so a medium thickness
  • not sure if that’s the right way to put that but i think you get what i am saying 😂
  • i like to wear these when we go snowboarding since they are great to wear under a jacket without being to bulky
  • & if it’s colder you could also wear a long sleeve tee underneath since it is not skin tight!
  • here is the best long sleeve tee from amazon that i totally forgot to include in this amazon fashion haul!😑 (it comes in a ton of colors, is only $9 & is SUPER soft!)

amazon fashion haul | cinched crop top

  • i would suggest you size up at least one size (i am wearing the medium), you can also adjust the cinching design so that it can be more or less cropped
  • this top would be great to wear with really any high waisted bottoms
  • the color is also perfect for the spring & summer time, it also comes in a few other pastel colors

amazon fashion haul | blue boho top

  • this top comes in either “one size” or “plus size” & i would say the one size could probably fit up to a large since it is a super casual style
  • it almost has a tie dye look to it because of the faint pattern which would be great if you’re not totally sure about tie dye yet
  • this top is so perfect for any season since you could style it under a cardigan or just wear it like i am here
  • it comes in a few other color options as well, some of which would be alot better for a summer day!

amazon fashion haul | pearl button front top

  • the long sleeve version of this top is just $9 on romwe is super high quality
  • this top also comes in a short sleeve option which you can see in the photo below this one that comes in a ton of color options & is only $7
  • i believe i am wearing the size small (for some reason there is no tag) & the fit is true to size
  • the lettuce trim is also such a cute detail!

amazon fashion haul | pearl button front top

  • it comes in a crazy ton amount of colors & is just $7
  • i am also wearing a small in this one & the fit is true to size
  • you could easily wear this in any season, you can just wear it like this in the summer & spring then add a cardigan or jacket in the fall & winter time
  • this top is not from amazon, it is from romwe, but i still wanted to include it since it is super affordable & is another great option!

amazon fashion haul | hot pink wrap top

  • the fit is true to size (i am wearing a small) & is super stretchy as well as comfortable
  • the material is very soft & this top would also be so flattering on any body type
  • it is also a great basic that has a little something extra with the wrap detailing
  • (it is actually comfortable & is just $10, also it fits tts, i wear the small)

amazon fashion haul | striped sleeve top

  • but anyways, this top is still super cute & comes in multiple color options!
  • i would suggest you size up, i am wearing the medium & it fits just like i would expect a small to fit
  • the stripes are such a cute detail that just makes this top way more interesting!
  • this top is also super comfortable & is basically a thin sweatshirt so if you live somewhere that doesn’t get very cold, this would be perfect for the wintertime.

amazon fashion haul | striped sleeve top

  • i also wanted to show you that if you size up at least one size & are under 5″5, you could actually wear this as a mini dress!
  • this top would also be a great one if you like to wear leggings but want to cover up your booty!
  • this top definitely gives me fall time vibes with the different colors on the sleeves!
  • this sweatshirt is super cute for just a casual, everyday, look that could be worn with tons of different bottoms

amazon fashion haul | striped hoodie

  • it also comes in a few other color options as well
  • the fit is somewhat true to size, i am wearing a medium though & i feel like it fits how i would expect a small to fit 🤷‍♀️
  • these stripes are super cool with the different thicknesses & shades of black/gray
  • the tie is also adjustable & the material is not too thick but not too thin
  • it does have pockets as well (as you can see from the photo)

amazon fashion haul | white lace v-neck

  • the fit is true to size, i am wearing the extra small
  • personally, i wouldn’t wear this out unless i had something over it but that is just my preference
  • the material is ribbed & super stretchy so it should fit tons of different bust sizes & body types
  • if you like to wear tops under thin strap dresses or tops this would be the perfect option since it is skin tight & wouldn’t cause any weird fabric bunches.

i hope this amazon fashion haul helped you to find some cute & affordable tops!

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