My Story | Why I Started This Blog

So, where to begin, I want to start by saying that I am a very shy person so this is my best try at telling you my story & I hope that it can inspire even just one of you to follow your dreams!

I need to start by telling you that when I had just turned 12, I began having these horrible stomach pains all the time, I have gone to countless #s of doctors and fast forward to now, they still cannot figure out what is wrong with me.

Now this is not a feel sorry for me party but, as anyone with chronic pain knows, having constant pain with no sign of it going away can definitely be depressing at times.

In 9th grade, I was feeling very sad seeing as it had been over 3 years of everyday pain, I was looking for something, anything, that i could feel passionate about & that might take my mind off my stomach.

That’s when i decided, why not start a fashion blog? I have loved fashion for such a long time & it was always something I got compliments & questions on so i did it, I started a blog!

And, it worked! I was feeling like I had finally found something I was passionate about for the first time in years, I was OBSESSED!

Once covid-19 hit, I would get my schoolwork done in the morning then spend ALL DAY working on this blog! I also started posting on instagram more and interacting with people over there!

I applied for rewardstyle (an affiliate networking program) in july and was accepted! I started adding affiliate links and I thank all of you who purchase through them!

So now, I am just working on this blog like CRAZY, trying to give you outfit ideas & everything fashion related. So if you ever have anything you want to see, feel free to message me on instagram.

Thank you for reading & I hope this can be of help to you in doing what you feel passionate about!